{Gallivant} Cross-Country

Carmel, CA | Photo: Author 2014

Carmel, CA | Photo: Author 2014

Happy October! I am currently writing this from California (surprise!) where I have been spending a couple of days with my Godmother and her husband before we drive back cross-country to Boston. Talk about a good adventure right?

Over the past two days we have been out to the San Joaquin Valley and visited my Godmother's husband's farming operation, as well as explored the lovely area of Carmel where they live. It was so cool (and fascinating) to explore the farm, where Tim grows a multitude of crops, including asparagus, almonds, pistachios, and pomegranates. The groves of nut trees were beautiful, but I couldn't get over the pomegranates! The trees (more like big bushes) were laden with the burgundy fruits, which looked like big jewels. They were such pretty pops of color against the greens and browns that are painted across the valley. 

The coast is also breathtaking, and I loved waking up and looking out over the Pacific this morning in Carmel. I even watched a few humpback whales swim by as I sipped my morning coffee. Amazing. We will spend one more day here, and then Libby (my Godmother) and I will embark upon our big road trip Friday morning! We will be making stops in Salt Lake City, Denver, Davenport (IA), and Buffalo. I will definitely blog about our stops/anything fun we discover and see once I get back to Pensy (to my man and the pup-I miss them!), but I would love it if you wanted to follow along on instagram @EVR_thegallivant for more frequent updates. 



P.S. I know I promised our Month 9 post--it is coming soon! Stay tuned.