{Marriage} Month 9


Crazy to think that we are in the 4th quarter of our first year of marriage... It has been so fun to keep this little journal of whats been going on in our lives as the Richeys. Thanks for checking in with us!

Richey 9 Month Update: 

Favorite Meals: Steak, Chicken Tagine with dates, honey, and couscous

Favorite Words: Magazine, #JoshandLusayIdo, agent, Red, Elizabeth Keene, California, full frame camera, flight...cancelled, chairs, fabric, accent wall

Favorite Snacks: popcorn, manchego and crackers

Favorite TV Shows: The Black List, West Wing, Parenthood

Favorite Movie: The One I love  

Currently Reading: John read Agent Zigzag by Ben McIntyre last month and was completely obsessed, while I read a trilogy about Josephine Bonaparte, which I wrote about here

Gallivants: Last month we spent a fun day floating down the river, which you can read more about here. Otherwise, we stayed pretty low key and hung out with friends in the Pensy area on weekends, as well as logging some quality "veg" time together on the couch as we recovered from busy work weeks. 

Meanwhile, In Pensacola: John is pushing through Primary and doing great! He has had a few flights cancelled due to weather, but we have made good use of the time off with some house projects, etc.  Everything else is pretty par the course, except for the steamy weather we have gotten so used to.  As I am writing our AC is off and all windows are wide open. Its proper Fall! Hallelujah!

Thanks for hanging with us for a bit. xxx

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