Fave New Blogs

Photo: Author

Photo: Author

A couple of weeks ago I promised a list of new blogs that I have recently started following, and then I completely forgot! So now, without further ado, part two of my introduction to the blogosphere....

My New Roots: I only recently started following Sarah at My New Roots, but have been blown away and inspired by her lifestyle in Copenhagen and the way she pursues health. Her recipes not only make my body feel better just by looking at them, but they look delicious as well! I can't wait to try a few. 

Tulips and Flightsuits: My great friend Haley turned me onto T & F a month ago, and I have been hooked! I have been slowly reading it from the beginning because Mary and her husband (a Navy Helo pilot) started in Pensacola, just like John and I! (As well as the rest of the Navy aviation world) It is so encouraging to read about a women pursuing a Godly marriage and making the most of Navy life. 

Life with a Dash of Whimsy: I love reading this sweet girls blog and picking up tips on ecclectic design and decor from her. Not only is she a talented interior designer by night, but by day she is an Army officer who works at the Pentagon. Badass? Duh. 

Mac & Marlborough: I have mentioned her before, but my friend Lindsey writes the coolest blog about living in Boston with her boyfriend and their sweet dog Mac. Not only does this blog give me a taste of home, but Linds also does the coolest DIY projects!

TopKnots & PolkaDots: During college my friend Chloe was known for having THE best style, and after she graduated she decided to blog about it! TKPD is the bomb, and I love checking in for great outfit ideas as well as alerts on awesome wardrobe steals. You go, Chlo! 

We are off to New Orleans for the night! Pumped to explore the Big Easy. Have any suggestions? Pop them into the comments section!