{Marriage} Month Two

Photo cred goes to the lovely Danielle Whitty

Photo cred goes to the lovely Danielle Whitty

Our two month anniversary has come and gone, so without further ado--our newest update!

Richey 2 Month Update

Favorite Meals: We have been eating home made pizza like every three nights in this house. So. Yummy. We use the dough recipe from this cookbook...no surprise there. The best part is we usually just grab whatever is in the fridge for toppings! Spinach, feta, and onions? Yum. Grilled chicken, peppers, and mushrooms? Duh. 

Favorite Words: Flynn, container garden, study, write, Engaged--> So many of our close friends have gotten engaged this month!

Favorite Snacks: Snacks have stayed pretty routine....still digging this hummus recipe.

Favorite TV show: We took a break from "The West Wing" this month to binge watch the second season of "House of Cards," which was insane.

Favorite Game: Still Settlers. Pumped to play with my girlfriends this week. 

Currently Reading: I am taking a break from Winston, and reading A Winter's Tale, which I am loving. I heard the movie wasn't the best, but the book is beautifully written and crafted. Definitely inspiring from a writer's perspective. John's reading these days consists of all kinds of Aeronautical engineering that I could not begin to explain...

Gallivants: Last month I spent some lovely time in Albany, GA with my Godmother. John unfortunately was stuck at home, studying. 

Meanwhile in Pensacola: February flew by!  Firstly, we got a dog! (Sort of) Also, I started this blog! As far as Pensy, the weather has been fluctuating, but we are hopeful that this week will be our last cold snap. Thanks to Flynn, we did a ton of fun exploring last month and found some awesome places to be outside and enjoy nature, most of which I will hopefully share about here soon. John started API and has been doing basically nothing but studying. The end is in sight though--We hope that by the end of next week he will be done and be able to rest his brain a bit before Primary starts. I am hoping he decides to rest his brain on the beach....I am desperate for some tan time. Over all, after two months of living in Pensacola, and a little over two months of marriage--life is starting to feel more settled and I am really starting to love where we live, make some wonderful new friends, and really get the lay of the land. As we discover more and more cool places, (or John shows me places he already knew of)  I am realizing that Pensacola has so much more to offer than I ever imagined. Come visit so we can give you the grand tour! 

Love you all!



ps. The one month anniversary of the Gallivant's first post has also come and gone (last week) but I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has been checking in here, subscribed, shared, etc. You guys are the best!