Sunday Links

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Photo: Author

Hope everyone is having a lovely sunday! The past week has been such a blast with some of my best friends in town. I cannot wait to share some of the fun things that we did, including our spontaneous trip to New Orleans--it was the best. It was so, so sad to see them go yesterday, but March seems to be the month of visitors for us so I have spent most of today doing laundry, cleaning, and getting ready for my brother Blair and our great friend Danny to arrive on Wednesday. Cannot wait to hang with two of my favorite boys!  I, unfortunately, cannot seem to kick this sore throat and cold I have had for the past few days, so I have been chugging liquids and pumping vitamin c in hopes that I will get past this before they arrive.  Heres hoping that you are feeling better than I am! 

Here are some links from around the web to finish off your lazy sunday with:

  • I read the introduction to this favorite book this morning and was so inspired. I just love Julia. 
  • This is my go-to tea when I have a sore throat. Have you ever tried it? Do you have any go-to remedies?
  • I made a quick batch of my homemade ramen today and it was so soothing on my throat. I substituted chicken broth for beef this time and added extra ginger. Yummy.
  • I grabbed this lipgloss a few days ago and adore it. It is such a pretty spin on the classic red lip. I can't wait to rock it with classic jeans and a white blouse or a striped shirt. 
  • Speaking of beauty, the weather is getting warmer here in Pensacola and I am starting to crave this color on my toes. It is the perfect coral-red. And it's on sale on Amazon!



p.s. Happy Birthdays and 25th wedding anniversary to my wonderful parents last week!!