{Pensacola Eats + Drinks} Beignets

Joe Patti's was one of the first places that John took me to when I visited him for the first time in Pensacola last September, while we were engaged. Joe Patti's is a Pensacola institution--the local fish market with a gourmet twist and an allegedly fantastic sushi counter. My favorite part of the whole experience was visiting the truck which is (it seems) perpetually parked outside of the market, and turns out freshly made beignets all day. 

If you have never had a beignet than you are seriously missing out. Half fried-dough, half cream filled donut, these french treats are often thought to be a New Orleans specialty, but can actually be found all over the Gulf Coast. We brought my bestie Emily over to try them when she was visiting, and as evidenced by the photos below, she thought they were soo yummy.


If you havn't been yet, head over to Joe Patti's to try these sweet treats and check out the market itself. It reminds me a lot of a little market at home in Massachusetts called Henry's--locally owned and wonderfully curated.

Joe Patti's Seafood Company, 524 South B. St, Pensacola, FL 32502