Simple Joys

Photo: Author-Stratton, VT

Photo: Author-Stratton, VT

Simple Joys

The secret things you whisper to your dog.

A cold, cold glass of rosé.

That still moment before anyone wakes up in the morning. 

The sea's breeze.

Good coffee.

The feeling of being completely submerged.

An afternoon spent painting.

Your favorite book.

Sitting outside during the golden hour.

Bare feet.

Having tea around the island in your parent's kitchen.

Sleeping in during a rain storm.

Farm to table.

His fierce heart.

A really good story.

Bluebells blanketing the forest floor.

Being nose to nose with a horse.

Writing when inspiration strikes. 

Climbing into bed with your best friend after the best night.

Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, and Daffodils in the Spring.

Knowing you are forgiven. 


Happy Monday Everyone.