{Gallivant} Dorset, Vermont + The Dorset Union Store

I am so excited to share a little bit about our time in Vermont a few weeks ago today! The Green Mountain State is special to both of us, because growing up John used to spend almost every weekend at his family ski house in Stratton, and I used to head north from Boston whenever I had the chance, whether to visit my Uncle during ski season (#shred) or summer trips to Burlington or Stowe with friends. 

As vacation is hard to come by during flight school, we truly cherished the few days we got to spend at the Richey house in Stratton, and even managed to fit in an afternoon of gallivanting all across the Vermont countryside! 


Our favorite stop was the lovely small town of Dorset. Dorset is a quintessential New England town, full of white houses with green shutters, and surrounded by the incredible landscape of Vermont. John and I loved to explore towns and ooo and aah over houses we love so we just drove around for about an hour, loving each old white house more than the next. We dream of one day living in a rambling old country house with some chickens and a huge garden in the back yard, and our afternoon explorations only fed our fantasy all the more. 

Before we left I made John stop at the Dorset Union Store, as I am a sucker for country stores and markets. Established in 1816, the beautiful old wooden floors creak as you walk down aisle after aisle of beautiful local food stuffs and bevvies. With an attached room dedicated to wine, both local and exotic, the store is a little bit of foodie heaven. Along with fresh baked goods, local cheese, coffee, and maple products, they also carry most staple grocery items, and have a sandwich counter in the back. While there I discovered Barnwell Farm cheese. This neat cheese company, based out of Pawlett, VT, names each of it's cheeses after a different town in the state. I grabbed the Dorset variety, a soft and pungent cows cheese, which later proved to be delicious. Before leaving the store I also picked up some beautifully scented pine soap, which I am excited to use as a fun little reminder of New England and the woods we grew up in. (Also who doesn't love a man who smells like pine trees? Total cat nip. Is that just me? Ok.)

Next time you are in the Bennington area of Vermont, or are just looking to make a fun little day or weekend trip, definitely consider Dorset. Aside from checking out the Dorset Union Store and picking up some yummies, there are some sweet places to stay in the area, and if you are outdoorsy or just looking for a little retreat there is plenty to do and see. 

Happy gallivanting!



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