Friday Links

The Royal Crescent, Bath, UK

The Royal Crescent, Bath, UK

Happy Friday Everyone! How was your week? Mine felt busy and productive, but I have been dragging a little bit in the mornings. Might have something to do with the fact that I switched from coffee to tea this week... John is starting sims (simulators) this weekend so I am looking forward to some girl time at the beach, and hopefully starting this book. Before all that though, tonight I am going in with John during his practice sim so I can see what it's like in there. I'm pretty pumped! 

Here are some neat things from around the web this week: 

  • Have you subscribed to the Daily Skimm? The Skimm is this awesome daily e-newsletter which gives you all the main points of breaking news for that day. Their website reads "We do the reading for you--across subject lines and party lines--and break it down with fresh editorial content. We read. You skimm." In a nutshell--it rocks, and I have loved incorporating it into my morning routine. 
  • We made this pasta dish this week, and it was so yummy and so easy. I subbed quinoa pasta for regular wheat, and added torn up mozz at the end. 
  • Joanna from Cup of Jo kicked off another installment of her "Motherhood Around the World" series with this post about being an American mother in England. I am not a mom yet but I still loved this post because so many of the cultural observations she makes are so true and reminded me of the time I have spent in England and Scotland.
  • Love this picnic table makeover. 
  • I loved reading about Chaney and Charlie's trip to Paris on her blog, May Richer Fuller Be. Their trip sounded amazing, and reminded me so much of our trip there last year. Check out her posts for some awesome tips on getting around Paris and fun things to do. (Hello bike tour of the Champagne region--deff putting that on the list of things to do for next time)

What are you all up to this weekend?