Lamberts Cove, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts | photo: author

Lamberts Cove, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts | photo: author

Happy Friday people! What a week! The above picture makes me feel happy and sun-kissed just by looking at it. I took it a few summers ago on the Vineyard, and it completely brings me back to a sweet time. (This has nothing to do with the two people in that picture. Honestly, I have no idea who they are...ha!) Summer is flying by, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy it, preferably outside enjoying one or two lovely sunsets.

What is everyone up to this weekend? I am headed up to Virginia for my dear friend Trey's wedding. Unfortunately, I am flying solo because of John's crazy primary schedule, but I am still beyond excited to see all of my best friends from college. On top of celebrating Trey and his wonderful bride-to-be Christie on Saturday night, we are also hoping to hit up a winery and some polo in Charlottesville, as well as do a little adventuring in Leesburg.

This week has been so crazy that I only now starting to register the fact that I am going to be seeing some of my favorite people in the whole world in just two days! Such a treat, and one that I want to be completely present for. Because of that, I probably will not post on Monday but I promise to be back on Tuesday with some details of our gallivants! Check out my instagram @evr_thegallivant for some updates and hot off the press footage of #stankytreywed. 

What are YOU up to this weekend? Whatever it is--I hope it brings you joy. 



P.S. Cheers to Ts. ;-) #stankytreywed