{Gallivant} Londonderry Vermont: Taylor Farm

Last weekend, while we were in Vermont with John's family, we took a quick trip to Londonderry to visit Taylor Farm. Taylor Farm is a working farm that welcomes visitors and sells a variety of their fresh products in their shop. John's brother and sister-in-law go all the time when they are at Stratton, especially now that they have two adorable little boys, but this was our first time! 

Little boy heaven.Β 

Little boy heaven. 



Taylor Farm Londerry Vermont 2

The farm had a variety of different animals for us to see and pet, including cows, goats, chickens, pigs, horses, and an adorable donkey. This is definitely a fantastic place to visit with kids, but we loved wandering around just as much! (Might have something to do with our dream of having our own little smallholding one day...)

Pretty little girls! | Photo cred: Annie Richey

Pretty little girls! | Photo cred: Annie Richey

Oh my heart.

Oh my heart.

I particularly got a kick out of the pigs, who were so happily wallowing in the mud. I can't wait to come back another time when they have piglets! 

Labor Day in VT 8.JPG

I cannot resist a rambling farm house. 

Taylor Farm, Londonderry Vermont 6

Before leaving we stopped into the little farm shop, as our brother and sister-in-law swear by their raw milk. Raw milk?! I know, sounds weird, but they actually completely converted us over the weekend. As John's brother said, "It just completely elevates any normal milk experience." It's true! So yummy! Taylor Farm is also known for their fantastic cheese, made right on the farm. They are the only Gouda producer in Vermont, and their maple smoked gouda is to die for.  In the hopes of creating an epic cheese plate later that evening my sister-in-law grabbed a nice wedge of gouda, while I went for the alehouse cheddar and some rosemary crackers. I also tried their maple soda, which was surprisingly light and refreshing. Sort of what I would imagine an effervescent maple sap to taste like. 

If ever in the area, Taylor Farm is definitely worth a visit, kids or no kids. We cannot wait to go back, and I hope that next time we may be able to bring home some of their fresh eggs and meat--yum!

Taylor Farm, 825 Rt. 11, Londonderry, Vermont. (802) 824-5690

Happy Thursday you guys! Eat local!