{Gallivant} Seaside, Florida

A couple of weekends ago we took a day trip with a few of our friends down 30A to the beautiful town of Seaside. Seaside is about an hour and a half east of Pensacola, but trust me--the drive is so worth it.


I had been dying to visit Seaside and it's neighboring towns for months, ever since hearing about how beautiful it was from from my friend, Laura (a Pensacola native) and then reading this fun blog post from Reddy or Knot. I practically skipped to the car when we were ready to leave that morning, looking forward to a day full of cruising around, beautiful scenery, and good food. 

When we got to Seaside we all rented bikes (and tricycles) from 30A bike rentals, and set off on our adventure!

Our first stop was the food trucks in Seaside's little town center. We were all starving, and headed off in different directions to the truck that struck our fancy. Options ranged from a grilled cheese truck, to fresh pressed juices, to frozen custard, to Asian fusion, to BBQ. 


John was more than content with a yummy grilled cheese and cold beer, while I tried a Korean fish taco from the Song truck, which was fantastic. 

I did a quick little loop through the town center, and loved peeking into all the cute shops. I can't wait till next time when I have a little more time to peruse and check out the independent bookstore. ( I am such a sucker for a good bookstore, I just knew if I went in then I wouldn't have wanted to leave.)

Seaside 1.jpg

How cute is that little post office?!

After lunch we hopped back on our bikes and spent an hour just riding around and exploring. It was a beautiful day to be bike riding, and we loved pedaling down the streets and admiring all of the gorgeous houses. We rode all the way through Seaside and into neighboring Watercolor, which is just as beautiful. Both towns are beautifully manicured without seeming too "Stepford" and the neighborhoods have bike paths throughout them that lead to woodsy trails and an intercoastal waterway. 

Seaside Collage 1.jpg
Seaside Collage 1.jpg

After some exploring it started to get hot, so we decided to beat the heat by heading down to the beach for a dip. 


The beach was surprisingly not very crowded for a Saturday, and we couldn't believe how blue the water was. The water in Pensacola is lovely, but is more of the greeny-turquoise color that people associate with the "Emerald Coast," while the water here was Caribbean blue and clear as can be. 


We hung out in the water for a while, goofing around while we cooled off, and then we packed up and headed back to return our bikes, making a quick pit-stop for frozen custard on the way. After returning our bikes we all piled into our cars, tired yet blissed out on sun and fresh air. We agreed that even though it was only a day trip, it really felt like we had "gotten away," and we returned to Pensacola refreshed. There is truly nothing like shaking things up and going on a spontaneous adventure with friends to make you pause and feel grateful for where you are at and all that surrounds you. 


This little adventure was one of our faves in Pensacola so far, and we can't wait to hopefully return for a weekend get away this Fall! 



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