{Marriage} 2.1

I love these monthly marriage updates not only because they are a great way for John and I to journal month to month, but also because they are a fun way to keep the Gallivant's amazing readers in the loop about whats going on with us--the nitty gritty version. Thanks for checking in!

Rockin' the windswept look...

Rockin' the windswept look...

Woohoo! First update of our second year of marriage!  Better late than never though, right? Read on for the latest Richey scoop...

Richey 2.1 Update

Favorite Meals: Anything made with Bison meat...random, right? Bison is super lean and good for you, but a little hard to source. Fortunately for us, our best friend Danny happened to take down a large Bison over the holidays, and has been bringing us a fresh supply of meat when he comes to visit. We love him. 

Favorite Words: Detachment, selection, move, weddings

Favorite Snacks: Popcorn with butter and a sprinkle of fresh lime juice. 

Favorite TV Shows: We started re-watching Friday Night Lights last month, and wow, have we missed Dylan, Texas. Clear eyes, full...you know the rest. And if you don't--Oh my friend, you are in for something good. 

Favorite Movie: American Sniper. Did you see it? We went with our friend Q when he was in town and it struck such raw but real chords in all of us. A thought provoking must-see, for sure. 

Currently Reading: Last month I started the Outlander series, and have been completely swept up in Claire and Jamie's life. John has been devouring Boys In The Boat, and cannot stop raving about it. 

Gallivants: We didn't do much gallivanting this month as we were mostly catching up after our big post-Christmas trip up to Boston and Vermont. At the end of the month, though, John headed off on a big adventure--his detachment to Roswell, New Mexico. More coming up on that in the next few days, but essentially he left for three weeks to finish up all of his Primary flights. I was a little sad to see him go, but so, so excited for him to get to fly 2-3 times a day (the weather in Roswell is a little more predictable than it is here at this time of year) and really focus on his last few weeks of Primary training. 

Meanwhile, in Pensacola: As we kicked off 2015, we headed straight back into busy work schedules. John has been cooking a ton, which has been awesome--he is a great cook, and loves to make healthy clean meals like bison and salmon. Not too shabby to come home to at the end of the day...We also took this quiz over dinner at our fave Mexican joint before he left for Det and loved it. I definitely recommend this to any couples looking for a fun date night activity--maybe over a candle-lit Valentines day dinner? 

As always, thanks for checking in with us! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a wonderful Valentine's day. 



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