{Gallivant Reads} Where'd You Go, Bernadette

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Although I loved the movie Gone Girl, I avoided the book. I know, I know it was good, but at the time when it was starting to get a lot of attention I wasn't really in the mood for a dark thriller, and there were other things I wanted to read. Recently, when my friend Ax suggested Where'd You Go Bernadette I was again a little hesitant  as the premise seemed similar: Suburban house wife mysteriously goes missing, investigation ensues, etc. I decided to go for it, though, and went ahead and downloaded the kindle version. 

I finished it within 24 hours. 

Where'd You Go Bernadette is the perfect mixture of mystery, earnestness, and fun. Told from the view points of both Bernadette Fox and her 8th grade daughter, it is a whimsical study of family relationships, pride, and unrequited dreams, as well as Seatlle-area suburban politics. And boy, is it sharp. Maria Semple had me chuckling throughout, while simultaneously keeping me on the edge up until the end, constantly wondering if the store was about to go dark. I loved every second of it. If you are looking for a great new read to kick off March with than definitely grab Where'd You Go BernadetteAlso, rumour has it that oscar-winning Boyhood director Richard Linklater may direct the movie version. (He also directed Dazed and Confused, one of my all time faves.) John and I watched Boyhood last week and loved it. Next on our watch list is Before Sunrise--have you seen it? I have heard the most amazing things. 

Have you read or watched anything good recently? I would love to hear! 



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