{Marriage} 3.4

I love these monthly marriage updates not only because they are a great way for John and I to journal month to month, but also because they are a fun way to keep the Gallivant's amazing readers in the loop about whats going on with us--the nitty gritty version. Thanks for checking in!

Image via  @olive_ee_ah

Image via @olive_ee_ah

Year 3, Month 4 Update (Better late than never!)

Favorite Meals: Still Blue Apron...it’s so quick and easy. But our favorite quick and easy Sunday dinner has been grilled chicken (marinated in french dressing or whatever vinaigrette is on hand in the fridge,) with baked potatoes and roasted asparagus. I toss the asparagus in olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, before putting under the broiler--flip once while cooking, and drizzle a little bit of balsamic on top right at the end. So easy, so yummy. Tim, my godmother's husband, made them once this way, and I haven't done them any other way since. 

Favorite Words: Game of Thrones, Porch, Squadron, Expeditionary, Lunch Date, Margarita, Birch, Battlefield.

Favorite Snacks: Not much time for snacking this month!

Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Game Of Thrones

Favorite Movie: Too busy for movies!

Currently Reading: Throne of Glass Series and The Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt

Gallivants: Woof! April was a busy month, but in the best way possible. We celebrated John's birthday early on, and then headed up to Gettysburg, PA, for a weekend, where my brother went to college. We stayed at a lovely farmhouse in the countryside outside of Gettysburg, and had the best time with Blair and his girlfriend (who we adore.) It was gloriously sunny while we were there so we spent Saturday exploring the battlefields before we headed to the Hauser Estate Winery and took in the views over lunch, ciders, and cold white wine...not a bad way to spend an afternoon. We also hung out on campus for a bit and had dinner in town, before heading back out to the farm for more wine and s’mores by the fire. All in all, it was such a fun yet restful weekend! Sitting outside on a country porch first thing in the morning with coffee and a book is so good for the soul...Full post on Gettysburg coming soon!

Meanwhile In Norfolk: Two of my best girlfriends from home came to visit us this month and we had a complete blast. We took them all over Norfolk, and hit up some of our favorite spots, including dinner at Luna Maya and drinks at The Birch. We also stumbled upon The Hermitage Museum and Gardens, which was such a sweet surprise! The grounds are gorgeous, and they had an American impressionism exhibit on display, which was lovely to look at. Who knew that there was such a big movement of impressionism in Pennsylvania? Not I!

Linds and oes.JPG

While Lindsey had to leave a little bit early on Sunday to get back to Boston in time to pack and head down to Tulum the next morning (Her instagram pics were giving me serious white sand envy,) Olivia didn’t leave until the evening on Sunday so we headed up to base to check out John’s squadron. I actually hadn’t been to see the squadron yet, so Oey and I were both enthralled! Sierras are so much bigger than the helos that John was flying before in Pensacola, and it was pretty awesome to see all of them lined up in the hangar. All in all, it was so special to get to share our new home with our dear friends, and we can’t wait for them to come back!


The other exciting news of the month is that our best friends welcomed their twins!! If you follow me on instagram then you may have already seen the picture of John and I meeting them for the first time...They are perfect, and John and I are in awe of what amazing parents our friends already are.

John Babies.jpg
Babies .jpg

It has been so special to start getting to know the little ones.

Heres hoping April was a wonderful month for you all! As always, thanks for reading. 



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{Marriage} 3.3

I have loved these monthly marriage updates and am excited to pick them back up! They have been a great way for John and I to journal the little details of our life, month to month. (Read about our very first month of marriage here.) Thanks for checking in!

Marriage 3.3 | The Gallivant

Richey 3.3 Update

Favorite Meals: Blue Apron! We started using the meal service last year and have loved it. The meals are fresh, easy, and relatively quick. I love that I don’t have to run to the grocery store after work when we haven’t planned dinner, but that I still get to go through the motions of cooking. We have tried so many new flavors and have even learned some new techniques! If you are interested in a free trial let me know! (gallivantblog@gmail.com)

Favorite Words: Sierra, Squadron, Carrier, Expeditionary, Condo, Cape Henry, Career, Friends, Myers Briggs

Favorite Snacks: Trader Joe’s Beet Hummus, hands down.

Favorite TV Shows: House of Cards, Pretty Little Liars (so guilty), The Office

Favorite Movie: The Big Short

Currently Reading: I’m Glad About You and The Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt

Gallivants: We have been trying to spend most of our free time exploring Norfolk, but we did shoot up to New York a few weekends ago for John’s Grandfather’s 90th birthday party. The party, which was a family art show, was so special, and Grumps was very surprised in the most wonderful way. It was a quick 24 hour trip for us, but so worth it--there were pick up street hockey games, home videos, snuggles with some of our favorite littles, lots of catching up, and one very epic family dance party.

Sidebar: John and I took the myers-briggs personality test during the drive up to New York and talked about it for the remaining 3 hours. We are obsessed! It’s so fascinating. John is an ESTJ, and I am an ENTP. Ours are pretty much dead on, with a few slight curve balls. Have you taken it? This version takes under 12 minutes.

We also spent a night camping with our close friends outside of Williamsburg, and that was a blast. We hadn’t camped since we went with these same friends in Georgia a few years back, (I wrote this guide to glamping after that trip) so it was so fun to reconvene the tradition, especially as they are expected twins in just a few weeks! (Yea...that is one badass mama, sleeping under the stars at 33 weeks. #motherhoodgoals) We seized the opportunity to camp before the babies come and found a sweet spot right on a little lake to pitch our tents.

Campfire | The Gallivant

Meanwhile In Norfolk: The weather is lovely here right now, and it has been so fun to witness our neighborhood bloom. We have been seizing every opportunity to bike, and are quickly cementing our favorite places to grab a quick bite, drink, or morning bun. (If I am being honest, we are on a first name basis with our local baker, if that tells you anything…) Over the past few weekends we have been setting up our porch, planting pots of herbs and getting furniture organized--the last thing on our list is to hang bistro lights. Our porch spans the whole front of our condo, and we have access off both the living room and our master, which is the bomb. With more light in the evenings and warmer weather, it is quickly becoming my favorite spot in the house to sit in the evening and unwind, and we can’t wait for an opportunity to entertain out there.

Overall, our week days have been busy, but the past few weekends have felt like mini-vacations and/or staycations, for which we have been very grateful. Next month we are expecting some fun guests, as well as heading out on a few weekend getaways--yay!



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This New Season.

This New Season | The Gallivant

Hello my friends! Thank you so much for checking back in over here. A lot has happened in the past few months, and as often happens…life was full and time was too precious. When things start to take precedence over this little blog, my hope has always been that they are the good and important things: investing in relationships old and new, exploring the world, carving out time to say goodbyes and honor places and people that have become dear to us, focusing on our marriage, trying new things, creating a new home. All those things have been part of the past few months, and I can’t wait to update you about them! I am learning that in order to be the kind of blogger I want to be, and to cultivate the kind of blog I want The Gallivant to be (worth your time in the sense that it is honest and rich and thoughtful) I have to show myself grace in the seasons where I don’t have time to create the kind of content I aspire to. So I am not apologizing for my absence, actually, just sharing my heart with you, and my excitement at being back!

And so, the updates:

John winged!

John got his wings back in late October. The entire winging weekend was such a blast, and we were so blessed to have our families with us to celebrate this amazing milestone in John’s career. I am so incredibly proud of him. The past two years of our life have been marked with much prayer and many different milestones that have led up to this occasion, and I have been honored to be by John’s side while he has worked so hard to become a Navy pilot.  It is a an amazing thing to see your partner achieve their dreams, and we are so excited for this next step in his career.

We moved!

After winging we had a pretty quick turn around (two weeks) before we left Pensacola and moved to Norfolk, VA. We have been feeling a pull to Norfolk for the past year, (a big shift as some of you know,) and we were thrilled to find out that John was selected to fly MH-60 Sierras on the East Coast. I will write more on it later, but our transition has felt relatively easy due to the peace we feel about being in VA. And we LOVE our new neighborhood!

We bought a house!

We did, we did! A 103 year old historic condo actually…crown molding, creaky floors, clawfoot tub, chipped paint and all! We have been slowly working room by room, caulking and painting, and putting our stamp on our new home. I actually wrote an article for Homes.com with some tips on turning your house into a home you love, which you can read here if you’d like. John and I frequently look at each other, usually covered in paint, and say, “Can you believe we own this place?!” Needless to say, we feel very blessed.

Now that the dust has settled, I am so looking forward to writing in this space more. Thanks, as always, for joining me on this adventure! I am preparing posts on aspects of our transition, so feel free to comment below with any specific questions or topics that you would like to hear about. I'm excited for what is to come!



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#TBT: What I Learned During Our First Detachment

I mentioned this months back, but at the beginning of the year (in February) John went on detachment to New Mexico for a month. It feels like ages ago now, but it was the first time that we spent any time apart due to training, and in hindsight I learned a few things that seem worthwhile to share over here for my military readers.

A shot from Flynn's and my daily morning run during Det.

A shot from Flynn's and my daily morning run during Det.

Firstly, what is detachment? Detachment, more often known as “Det,” is when a squadron relocates somewhere for training. In our case, an entire Primary training squadron leaves Pensacola and heads somewhere with better weather, typically New Mexico or Michigan, for a month to six weeks in order to take advantage of clear skies and push the pilots through the program a little faster than they would be able to in Pensacola. Pilots usually fly twice, if not three times a day, and are subsequently accelerated through training. Squadrons normally start leaving on Det when there has been a significant back up in training or if the weather has just been really bad in Florida.

Many of our friends went on Det towards the end of Primary, so it wasn’t a surprise when John got called up to go. While no one likes to wave goodbye to their husband for a month, John and I dated long distance and have spent a few months at a time apart, so I wasn’t really nervous about his absence. As my friend Haley says, you can do anything for a few weeks and in comparison to deployment Det sounded like a breeze.

Here is the gist: For us, Det wasn’t a huge deal, but it did give me some unexpected perspective. The reality is that, because of John’s career, there will be large periods of time in our marriage in which we are apart, and although one month is not comparable at all to a six to nine month deployment, I feel as though God used the time to teach me a few things in preparation for longer seasons of absence. I established a routine, got lots of exercise with Flynn, kept myself busy with girlfriends, and worked a ton. The most obvious thing that was impressed upon me, though,  was that it is ok to make the first move and ask my friends and family for support if I need it when John is gone. While John was away this time I had a family emergency that (thank God) ended up being ok, but looked pretty dicey for a few days. During that time I realized that there will be things that happen during John and my life together, whether to us or to the people we love, that are hard and scary and sad, and in those times John may not be with me, and I may be living in a place far away from my family. I am not someone who likes to ask for help (pride) but I am learning that in this lifestyle is it so important to be able to reach out to your people and say “Hey, I need some extra support right now, will you check in with me this week to ask me how I am?” Our friends want to be there for us but sometimes they don’t know how, and it is so ok to be specific. It is so much better to ask rather than end up resenting the people you love for not supporting you when they just really didn’t know how I am so thankful to the people who rallied around me for those few days, let me crumble at work, pick their nursing brains, or just shot me a text asking how things were going. It meant the world to know that even though John was miles away there were people who had my back.

Military life is challenging for sure, and it forces us to be so intentional about maintaining and establishing deep relationships across the board-- with friends, family, and spouses. Over the past few years in Pensacola, though, I have realized that those deepened relationships, both old and new, are one of this lifestyle's greatest joys, and that is a gift that I will continue cherish.

My fellow military readers--anything you have learned from time spent away from your partner? Any tips or perspective, whether for short term or long term absences? I would love to hear, feel free to comment below. 




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The Newest Richey!

Some of you have heard, but in July we said goodbye to our beloved Flynn as he headed to San Diego with his dad, our best friend Danny. (If you aren't familiar with how Flynn came to stay with us than catch up here.) If you are a dog-lover than you can imagine how, even though we knew the time would come, it was incredibly hard to let him go. We were comforted by knowing what a blast he would have in California with Danny, but his absence also made it very clear to both John and I that we didn't want to be dog-less for long. A month went by and one Saturday at the end of August I headed to the airport to pick up the newest member of our little family...

Pensy 2.jpg

Meet Pensy!  She is a wire-haired pointing griffon (like Flynn) and we are completely smitten. 

Pensy 7.jpg

We got her right as she turned two-months old, and have loved getting to know her over the past month. She is incredibly friendly, cuddly, sassy, goofy, and smart--everything we have grown to love about Griffs. She also loves to be outside, play, and adventure. Over the past month she has been to three different states, flown carry-on with us, and hiked part of the Appalachian trail. She fits right in with this gallivanting family!

Pensy Collage.jpg

She also makes friends wherever she goes, and does not discriminate. 

Pensy 5.jpg

While P hasn't at all replaced Flynn (I am still missing him hugely) she is such a joy. We had been planning all along to get a second Griff this Fall, and it worked out perfectly that she came a little sooner. Expect to see her frequently around here on the blog! 

Curious about Griffs? Since having Flynn we have fallen completely in love with the breed and cannot say enough good things about them. Highlights? They are smart, friendly, athletic, incredibly people-oriented, hypo-allergenic, and wonderful with children. Not to mention so. freaking. cute.  Feel free to shoot me an email if you are thinking about getting a dog and/or would like to hear more! 



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12 Things We Wish We Had Registered For

After being married for a year and half, John and I have gotten some perspective on which of our wedding presents we have actually ended up using day in and day out, as well as a few things that we wish we had registered for! Last week I posted about our top 12 most useful gifts, and as promised today I am sharing the 12 gifts that, in hindsight, we wish we had included in our registry.

12 Gifts We Wish We Had Registered For

1. Table Linens: We sort of spaced on table linens when it came around to registering, and didn't realize how often we would miss them. We have some lovely sets of napkins and placemats that were engagement presents, but I wish that we had registered for a neutral matching set with a table cloth for our round table that we would use year round when hosting. 

2. A Juicer: A juicer is one of those things that at the time we thought about registering for but ultimately decided we didn't really need it. I wish we had gone with out first impulse though because we have definitely talked since about wishing we had one and will probably end up buying one in the future. (#cleaneating #aspirations)

3. Throws: We ended up buying a couple of throws pretty soon after our wedding for our new apartment to help cozy up certain corners.

4. Mason Jars: While mason jars are undeniably trendy, they are also infinitely useful and we have bought a bunch since being married and used them for all sorts of things: jam, to go containers for drinks, pickles, smoothies, just to name a few.  I would totally recommend registering for a flat. 

5. Tupperware: Another thing that slipped our minds....Tupperware definitely isn't sexy, but it is a necessity for committed home cooks, and would make a great engagement gift!

6. Ice Cream Maker: People always tell you that you won't end up using appliances like an ice cream maker as often as you think you will so we left it off the list. After realizing how much we enjoy cooking and making our favorite dishes at home, though, I am sure we would be an exception to that as ice cream is our favorite, and it would be so fun to experiment w homemade flavors. My mom kept telling us, "Now is the time!" when we were registering and she was so right...if you want it, register for it! 

7. Vacuum: Again, not sexy--but so necessary! We inherited a vacuum from family, which we are so grateful for, but it may not last us through our move. My friend Abbey once told me that her parents still use the vacuum they got as a wedding present 20-something years later, and now we completely see the wisdom in registering for one.

8. Duvet : This is another one of the items that we felt like we didn't really need, as we already had my duvet from college. John sleeps hot, though, and can't stand how warm the insert is. If we could do it again we would register for a summer weight insert and new cover. As long as you don't make a habit of eating in bed (Occasional bed picnics are totally fine, encouraged even) than a beautiful duvet will see the least wear of your bedding, last for years, and be a pretty addition to any bedroom. 

9. Power Tools: Just. So. Practical. Especially for those of us who are all about low-cost diy updates to our home, and husbands who love to help!

10. Waffle Maker: This one is purely for me, as John isn't a huge waffle guy. (But I swear, if we had a waffle maker I could convert him in 5 second flat!)

11. Guest Towels: Since we have been living in an apartment for the past year, and have a lot of moves in our future, we have been making a concerted effort to not accumulate too much stuff. One thing we have learned, though, is that you can never have too many towels! We bought a bunch of guest towels after living in Pensacola for a bit and having frequent visitors, and we would definitely suggest registering for extra towels. 

12. Seasonal Decor: My friend Haley says the seasonal decor that she and her husband received as wedding gifts were some of her favorite gifts, and after celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas (and decking our halls for both)  in Pensacola I can totally see why. It is so fun to curate a collection of seasonal decor that you know you will use for years to come, but it adds up quickly! Why not let your friends and family help you start a collection early on?

What about you? Do you have any favorite wedding gifts?  Is there anything that you wish someone had told you to register for? Comment below!

Have a great weekend lovelies!



P.S. Our Wedding

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Our Top 12 Most Useful Wedding Gifts

 Fridge covered in adorable save the dates, calendar quickly filling up, and many joy-filled and long awaited reunions in the near future...is this sounding familiar? It's wedding season!!  As invites come in I love looking at everybody's registries and getting a glimpse of each couple's style and an idea of what their future home together will look and feel like--it feels like a sneak peak! Registry perusing has also made me reflect  on our own registry and which things have  proven to be our most useful wedding gifts. We were beyond blessed by the generosity of our wedding gifts, and are so grateful for  each and every one of them, but it is definitely  interesting, (and in some cases surprising!) to see which we have ended up utilizing most in our day to day life a year and half later! Read on for the low-down.

Top 12 Most Useful Wedding Gifts:

1. Cast iron skillet: I was a little wary of the seasoning process that comes along with cast iron, but after a little bit of research I realized it is cinch. We use our cast iron all the time, for everything from sauteeing to baking. We even brought it camping last year!

2. Kitchen-aid mixer: This was a gift from my bridesmaids and a staple in our kitchen. Although it does take up space on our galley-sized counters, it sees enough use that we haven't been able to justify putting it away. 

3. Tea kettle: I am in love with anything Le Creuset as their pieces are as beautiful as they are long-lasting and functional. We use our kettle every day, usually multiple times, to fill our french press or make cups of herbal tea. 

4. Dining Room Table: While our table wasn't on our registry, it is one of our most beloved gifts. My dad and I found it at an antique store in Pensacola, and my parents gave it to us as our wedding gift. We had no idea at the time though that the table and accompanying chairs are almost exactly the same as the set that John's mom and dad had in their first apartment in New York, which John's mom shared with us during her toast at our rehearsal dinner. Tip: Round tables are perfect for smaller homes where space is at a premium, and they remain versatile in bigger spaces where they can serve as breakfast tables in a kitchen or even a foyer table. 

5. Nespresso Machine: Oh, how we love our Nespresso. We can't say enough good things about the quality of the brand and their pods--we even did a side by side taste test with shots of Nespresso espresso and espresso from a traditional machine and the Nespresso easily held it's own. While it certainly is a luxury appliance, it is such a treat to be able to whip up our own cappuccinos or iced lattes, and we have almost entirely cut out our Starbuck's habit, which has been great on our wallet!

6. Pots and Pans: If you have been following along with The Gallivant for a while then you may have picked up on the fact that we are big foodies and love to cook, especially moi. When compiling our registry we were encouraged by  older and wiser foodie friends to register for top of the line cookware (despite the price-tag) because ultimately it would produce better food, wear better, and last longer. Like decades longer. We went for a mix of All-Clad D5 and copper-core pots and pans, and we opted out of a set so that we could customize a bit. 

7. Lamps: Lighting isn't necessarily the first thing you think of with a registry, but we were gifted some beautiful lamps that we adore. The chinoiserie-style set in our bedroom on either side of our bed completely make the room, and we have a couple of others that really elevate our living space. Turns out, lamps are an easy way to make a space look chic, even if it is still in its stage of "first-home style/decor schizophrenia." 

8. Couch: This is another gift that wasn't actually on our registry, but which makes our home/entertaining/reading/netflix-binging life so much more comfortable. John's mom gave us a beautiful couch when we got married and we just love it. Although we didn't register for ours, I have seen large furniture items on registries before and think it is a great opportunity for family or friends (and maybe even the wedding party) to band together and pitch in on a bigger gift. 

9. Dutch Oven: Another Le Creuset fave. From chili to coc-au-vin to bread-- this classic staple is endlessly versatile. 

10. Breville Smart Oven: John was obsessed with registering for a good toaster oven and I just didn't get it until we started using this puppy. Not only does it toast beautifully, but it is an actual little oven so we have done everything from cook chicken to make cookies in there! It is a life-saver during meals that are composed of multiple dishes that require the oven, and the clean up is way easier. Win win!

11. Cookbooks: This one doesn't need much explanation but needless to say, cookbooks make great engagement/wedding gifts, and we use ours all the time. 

12. Extra Sheets: We registered for both extra sheets for our bed, and for our guest room twin beds. Having extra twin sheets is particularly useful because we have often had guests back to back while living in Pensacola, and being able to just throw on a clean set and not have to wait for the set in the washer/dryer is a god-send. 

A quick note on our registering process: While compiling our registry I had a lot of reservations. I didn't want to register for too much, I wanted to be considerate of my guests (ie. lots of different price points) and I had a hard time registering for things that we didn't really need, but would love in our new home. My mom kept repeating to me, "Now is the time." over and over again, and she was completely right.  If you are anything like me, it helps to remind yourself that giving newlyweds gifts to help them start their life together and furnish their home is a  time-honored tradition, and the people who make up your village will enjoy doing it. It is an opportunity for them to give you something that you love or really need, and as is the case with many bigger gifts, something you may not be in a position to afford for some time.  Plus, everyone will love to see how you use their gift in your new home when they visit!

Anyone else have any wedding gifts that they couldn't live without? I am so curious to hear--obviously many of ours are food-centric because that is a big part of our lifestyle, but I would love to hear which gifts you love and still use in your daily life. Comment below, and stay tuned for a post about a few things that in hindsight  we wish we had registered for! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



P.S. Our Wedding.

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A Flight School Update + Thoughts on "The Next Thing"

Happy Friday people! The past few weeks were busy, and I have wanted to spent as much time as possible with John when we are both off because it has seemed like we have been on opposite schedules a bit, hence the lack of blogging. I am getting back in a groove though, and am so excited to share some recent adventures! First off, though, in accordance with one of my blogging goals for 2015, a general update and some thoughts about where we are in the flight school pipeline.

The past few months have flown by, and a couple of exciting things have happened in terms of our flight school journey: John finished Primary, selected Helicopters, started Advanced training for Helos, and promoted to LTJG! Luckily, Advanced for Helos is in Pensacola (Milton actually) so we didn’t have to move. We were so excited to get Helicopters because John has been pretty sure that is what he wanted to fly since day one of flight school.

While it seemed like API and Primary dragged on a bit a times due to cancelations,  since John started Advanced he has been flying through (see what I did there?) and we have started talking about potential winging dates. Crazy, right? We have been in Pensacola for almost a year and a half, and even though we have about four to five more months here it is starting to feel like our Pensy time is winding down. We have grown to love Pensacola so much and will miss it hugely, but with winging comes moving, (we won’t know where until John wings,) and recently it’s been hard not to obsess a little over what is next.

There are so many unknowns in the military, and flight school is just a little microcosm of that: Where will one go through API? What aircraft will one select? Where will one be stationed after they wing? There is a tendency to constantly be looking ahead, to the "next thing.” Before I go any further I want to say...it is ok to talk about the possibilities of what is next, and we often do, but the point is that it is tempting to talk about it all the time, and we have to balance that with the healthy perspective that we simply aren't there yet and our life doesn't begin then--it is happening now, right now, this very second, here.

Matthew 627.jpg


I have been trying, and at times wrestling, to be present through this. I have been frequently reminded of my last semester of college, when I was simultaneously preparing to graduate, nannying, planning a wedding, and wrapping up my time leading Younglife. I had never been so busy in my life, and it was a temptation to put my head down, chug through school, and just focus on the future:  our wedding and moving to Pensacola. Early on in the semester, though, I realized that God was doing so much in those last few months of school—in my friendships, my ministry, and even my relationship with John, and I needed to be present in order to experience that. In the midst of so much transition and a grueling schedule, I needed to seek Jesus in the morning and claim Him as my peace. I had to take in one day at a time. The future would work itself out, and if I had spent all of my time worrying and dwelling on it I would have missed the joy and growth and deepened friendships that were such a sweet part of that season.

I am feeling similarly now, in another season of huge growth. It is easy to make “the next thing” the topic of every conversation, with both our Navy and civilian friends and loved ones. It is so tempting for John and I to spend all of our (sometimes hard-won) time together weighing the pros and cons of each possible location and the available aircraft. (More on that in a later post, but in a nutshell: we have five different options for locations and three different possible types of helicopter.) Too often we find ourselves talking about moving dates, and possible job options. I even catch myself asking friends in the Navy community what their thoughts are, whether students pilots or significant others, because sometimes it seems like the easiest way to start conversation.

None of these things are inspiring presentness.

The problem is that when we aren't present we miss it, we miss what is here, we miss time and the infinite things that could happen in that time. We miss people. We miss learning about our friends. In the hours we spend talking with them about “the next thing” we miss learning how our friends are now, what they have been up to, what is inspiring them, what they are learning, what keeps them up at night. I don’t want to miss that, and I don’t want the remainder of our time here to morph into a waiting game, because that doesn’t feel like it will honor the time we have spent in Pensacola and the way we have grown here, both individually and as a couple. I don’t want to miss what the Lord is doing in this place. I want to finish well here, and as gracefully as possible.

The truth is, though, sometimes the future is the thing that is keeping us up at night. I know I am not alone in that. And yet again, it seems as though so often my life is an exercise in giving up control, in recognizing that I am not actually the “captain of my ship,” but that the One who is in control, who does steer our fate, is immeasurably better at it than I am. Our job is to pray and wait, to be patient and present, focusing on what is right in front of us. “The next thing” will come, that is certain. And I do believe it will be good.

Obviously, I will post updates here as we get closer to the Fall and John’s winging date. I am also looking forward to sharing a little bit about what the second half of flight school has been like, as well as our favorite places and things to do in Pensacola. Also, we have a jam-packed summer ahead, full of exciting travels, weddings, and time spent exploring more of the Gulf before we head to our next destination, so stay tuned! 

Hope that everyone has a lovely weekend! If you would like to see what we are up to than follow along on instagram @evr_thegallivant ! As always, thank you so much for reading. 



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{Marriage} 2.2

I love these monthly marriage updates not only because they are a great way for John and I to journal month to month, but also because they are a fun way to keep the Gallivant's amazing readers in the loop about whats going on with us--the nitty gritty version. Thanks for checking in!

Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico

Richey 2.2 Update

Favorite Meals: I was on my own a lot of last month as John was in New Mexico on detachment, so I ate pretty simply. One of my favorite meals was slices of grilled halloumi cheese on top of pink gratefruit and spring mix, with a lemon olive oil vinaigrette. So fresh and yummy.

Favorite Words: Detachment, Roswell

Favorite Snacks: Ricotta, Pink Grapefruits--they are SO good right now!

Favorite TV Shows: Outlander. Have you seen it? Set in the Scottish Highlands, the first installment of Season 1 lays the foundation of the story and introduces all the main characters, namely Jamie and Claire.  I have been reading the books, and was pumped that Amazon had Season One on instant streaming. It is only 8 episodes so far, and most of them were build up and background to the main event which really kicks off the story. 

Currently Reading: Last month I read Drums of Autumn and Where'd You Go Bernadette, (read my review here) and John read Meaning of Marriage (Again--we love it.)

Gallivant: John did some pretty cool exploring last month while he was in Roswell. He and his buddies spent a day checking out the Carlsbad Caverns, and then a few days later they woke up at 3:00 am and drove six hours up to Taos. If you know John than you know that his love for skiing runs deep, and he was thrilled to be able to tackle Taos and spend a day on the slopes. 

Meanwhile in Pensy:  John being away on detachment for most of February was an interesting experience as it as the fist time that he had gone away on any military-related training. Lets be real... three weeks really isn't a long time, especially after dating long distance, but it is a little different when you are married and have gotten used to seeing each other every day. Even though it isn't really comparable of course I couldn't help but think about deployment. Three weeks is nowhere near ten months, but I did have some stuff going on in my family that made me reflect a lot on the fact that things might happen while John is deployed--scary, hard, heartbreaking things-- that he will not be able to be with me for and I will most likely be far from my family at the same time. In a sense I felt like God threw some  situations at me over the past month, (which all ended up being ok, thank goodness) which gave me some helpful perspective. Something I am learning is that it is important for me to be humble and able to ask my friends and loved ones for support when John is away. It is totally ok to say "I need some support right now--can you check up on me?" In a way, these little training trips are like pre-season for the real deal, and although I don't think I could ever be fully prepared, the things that I learned, and that I will continue to learn, are helping us to grow as a couple and work on our communication and strategy in advance of any long absences.

Happy Monday friends, and thanks for stopping by. 



P.S. This post contains affiliate links. If you click and/or make a purchase through the links I may make a commission, but all opinions are my own :-)

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{Marriage} 2.1

I love these monthly marriage updates not only because they are a great way for John and I to journal month to month, but also because they are a fun way to keep the Gallivant's amazing readers in the loop about whats going on with us--the nitty gritty version. Thanks for checking in!

Rockin' the windswept look...

Rockin' the windswept look...

Woohoo! First update of our second year of marriage!  Better late than never though, right? Read on for the latest Richey scoop...

Richey 2.1 Update

Favorite Meals: Anything made with Bison meat...random, right? Bison is super lean and good for you, but a little hard to source. Fortunately for us, our best friend Danny happened to take down a large Bison over the holidays, and has been bringing us a fresh supply of meat when he comes to visit. We love him. 

Favorite Words: Detachment, selection, move, weddings

Favorite Snacks: Popcorn with butter and a sprinkle of fresh lime juice. 

Favorite TV Shows: We started re-watching Friday Night Lights last month, and wow, have we missed Dylan, Texas. Clear eyes, full...you know the rest. And if you don't--Oh my friend, you are in for something good. 

Favorite Movie: American Sniper. Did you see it? We went with our friend Q when he was in town and it struck such raw but real chords in all of us. A thought provoking must-see, for sure. 

Currently Reading: Last month I started the Outlander series, and have been completely swept up in Claire and Jamie's life. John has been devouring Boys In The Boat, and cannot stop raving about it. 

Gallivants: We didn't do much gallivanting this month as we were mostly catching up after our big post-Christmas trip up to Boston and Vermont. At the end of the month, though, John headed off on a big adventure--his detachment to Roswell, New Mexico. More coming up on that in the next few days, but essentially he left for three weeks to finish up all of his Primary flights. I was a little sad to see him go, but so, so excited for him to get to fly 2-3 times a day (the weather in Roswell is a little more predictable than it is here at this time of year) and really focus on his last few weeks of Primary training. 

Meanwhile, in Pensacola: As we kicked off 2015, we headed straight back into busy work schedules. John has been cooking a ton, which has been awesome--he is a great cook, and loves to make healthy clean meals like bison and salmon. Not too shabby to come home to at the end of the day...We also took this quiz over dinner at our fave Mexican joint before he left for Det and loved it. I definitely recommend this to any couples looking for a fun date night activity--maybe over a candle-lit Valentines day dinner? 

As always, thanks for checking in with us! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a wonderful Valentine's day. 



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{Marriage} One Year

Photo by Leah Haydock

Photo by Leah Haydock

This thing came and went and I never mentioned it on here: Our one year anniversary! We celebrated up in Vermont (where we were skiing with my family) by going to an amazing and romantic dinner and reflecting on the past year together. How time has flown! Since we got married last December we have turned our apartment into a cozy home, made so many new friends, started new jobs, and grown immensely as a couple. John and I spent some time talking about some things that we have learned in our first year of marriage and I wanted to share a few here. 

  • Keeping score is poisonous. There is a temptation when you live with your partner to keep score ie. being acutely aware of how many times one has done the laundry vs the other, who takes the dog out more, who has been messier, etc.  Over the past year we have been working hard to call each other out lovingly on this, and communicate through the issues rather than letting resentment fester.  The quicker we nip this attitude in the bud, the less likely we are to bicker.
  • Balance a budget one month at a time,  but be frugal 24/7. (John is way better than I am at this.)
  • We each have our own unique set of expectations for everything. It has been fascinating to see how many things we naturally approach differently, whether from the way we grew up, or just because. It has been crucial to take time to talk through certain things, like holidays, in order to understand what is important to each other and how we can honor that. 
  • Taking time for ourselves and being rooted in Jesus allows us to focus on serving each other. Conversely, when we haven't been spending enough time with Him  we tend to shift more into the "keeping score" attitude. 
  • Things that seem small can make a huge impact on your day and time together. For John, it means the world to him to come home to a clean house. For me, I love when he makes dinner or folds the laundry.
  • Expect curveballs from the military. They aren't always bad, but they will come. Be patient, embrace silver linings, and roll with it. 
  • Routine is important. Over the past year our schedules have changed hugely from week to week. Having certain routines has helped us to stay in sync, feel balanced, and spend time with each other. We started running together this year and we also instated things like taking an hour each Sunday to tackle housework together. In the mornings John typically makes breakfast, and I make the coffee. At night, whoever doesn't cook does the dishes, and vice versa. 
  • Marriage is an exercise in grace. In the past year John has seen me more broken and ugly than he ever did while we were dating, and I him. It just happens. Time after time, though, his forgiveness has awed me and shown me Jesus. Honesty: There are times when I have been nasty, and I can't believe it when he assures me that he forgives me. Each time he shows me grace, though,  it feels like our relationship gets a little deeper and more intimate. 

These things don't even fully scratch the surface of all that we have learned about each other and about marriage in the past year. Also, we are still so new at this.  I am certain we absolutely do not have it all figured out, but of this I am also sure: I love John (so, so, so imperfectly) more than I did a year ago, and through this covenant we, despite our sin,  are being drawn, day by day, closer to Jesus.

Happy Anniversary JB! You are the one my heart loves.



(Movie by Boston Wedding Films)

P.S. I haven't written one for the past few months, but I have gotten really positive feedback about our marriage updates (sort of the Richey version of "life lately" that chronicled our first year) so I am going to continue them as we move into our second year! Lots of big stuff coming up this year including John's selection (where he learns what aircraft he will fly) and our first big move. Stay tuned!

P.S.S. New to The Gallivant?  Check out Month 1, Month 2, Month 3, Month 4 & 5, Month 7,  Month 8, Month 9.

Life Of A Navy Wife & A Goal for the New Year

Richey's 2015

Richey's 2015

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had the most wonderful Christmas and New Years. After a little break, it feels so good to be here in this lovely little corner of the web, and I can't wait to share about where we have been and what we have been up to recently in the next few weeks! 

I know I am not the only one who has been thinking a lot in the past few days about some goals for 2015. One of my biggest blogging goals is to share more here on the Gallivant about the Navy aspect of our life and marriage. Part of this is spurred on by the fact that as I have been reflecting back on our first year of marriage (Anniversary post coming soon!) I have been thinking a lot on being a Navy wife. While being a milspouse is a large part of why I started this blog, I don't write about it that often, partially because there are many days where I don't feel like a milspouse. No one in my immediate family was in the military, so John was my first introduction to this lifestyle. Even though we have been together for almost 5 years, I am still learning military lingo, and being a spouse is a whole new learning curve.  I think most of my hesitation in calling myself, confidently, a Navy wife, though, comes from the fact that we have not yet weathered that big looming and impending thing that is deployment. Such is that nature of the Aviation track--Pilots have to go through 2.5 to 3 years of training before they are deployable, as opposed to something like Surface Warfare, who are deployable almost immediately. This has been wonderful for our marriage, because we, unlike some military couples, have been able to spend great quality time together in our first year. That being said, sometimes when I chat with older wives about their experience in the military, I can't help but think about how they have spent long period of their marriage separated from their husbands, they have raised and maybe even delivered children alone--they have earned the title of milspouse, and I am not there yet. 

But then I remember that this is not a badge that I can earn, it is just a fact and part of our life.  And despite the fact that John has not deployed yet, my life and our marriage does look different than our civilian friends and loved ones.  We shop at the commissary, we often can't plan more than a day ahead, our schedules change on a dime, we have no idea where we will be in a year....etc. While our lifestyle comes with some frustrations (whose life/career doesn't?), it also comes with an incredible community, friends, and opportunities.  Over and over again we have seen God work in it in the past year. Someone said to John recently in a grocery store in Massachusetts, "Oh, you are in the Navy? I feel so bad for people in the military." The comment was ignorant, but came from a place of what I believe was simple (and common) misunderstanding. Our life looks a little different from our civilian friends and loved ones, but we wouldn't trade it. John dreamt of serving his country, felt led here, and I along with him.

So, I hope to share more this year about what our life in the military looks like, in small ways and large. I hope this serves two purposes: 1) To help our civilian friends and loved ones (many of whom, like me, have no previous connection to the military) understand military life a bit more, and 2) To connect and relate with readers who are in the military and share encouragement. I have been so blessed and encouraged by more seasoned milspouses who have shared their perspective, (I read one of my favorite blogs, Tulips & Flight Suits, from start to finish when I first moved to Pensacola, and learned so much from Mary in the process) and I hope that this is a place that can in turn encourage others who are learning to navigate this lifestyle. 

With this in mind, I would love to ask you, my lovely readers: Are there any particular questions that you have that you would like to see discussed here on The Gallivant pertaining to flight school or military life? The Gallivant is not turning into a military blog, but it is part of our lifestyle so I would love to talk about it a bit more--maybe around 1 post a month. I would love to hear your thoughts and any questions you may have, so feel free to either comment below, contact me through the contact form at the top of the page, or email me directly at gallivantblog@gmail.com. 

As always, thank you so much for reading. Cheers to all that 2015 has in store.



P.S. Here are a few of my Navy related posts from the past year:

My Student Naval Aviator Husband's 2014 Christmas Wish List

My student naval aviator husbands 2014 Christmas Wish List

Having trouble shopping for the men in your life? They are the worst, aren't they?! As a follow-up to my Christmas wish list, we decided it would be fun to post John' s too. If your man is at all into hunting/fishing/outdoorsy-ness than this it the gift guide for you!

A few things which have been catching John's eye recently....

1.  A Subscription to Gun Dog Magazine

2. This T-shirt from our fave Dogwood Black.

3. A new pair of Khakis

4. Bean Boots.

5. Power tools! Specifically this drill because it has so many attachment options,  like this jig-saw

6. A 4 piece fly rod.

7. This Book on Upland Birds.

Clearly, he is all man. 

What is everyone up to this weekend? Our friend Ceci, who is more like our little sis, is in town and we are so excited to show her around! Tonight we are headed to the Zoo (random, I know, but I am so excited) and then out with some friends. 

Have a great weekend!



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My 2014 Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List w Text.jpg

Happy December! It is the full-fledged holiday season and I know that I am not the only one with holiday shopping on the brain...John and I got most of our shopping done for our families on Monday night, and are now tackling our lists for each other. (Mostly me for him, my big present is already on the way as Amazon has an amazing deal going on right now!)

What is on your Christmas list this year? Here are the things which have been catching my eye in the past few months...

1. & 5. My new camera is on the way, equipped with it's kit lens, but I would love to add these lenses to my kit as well. Both are super practical for the kind of photography I do, and the canon pancake lens would be amazing on the smaller body of the SLi. I used to have the 50 mm with my old camera, but alas, that perished with the camera body. It was my most beloved lens, so I would love to replace it. 

2.  I have recently been trying out the Bobbi Brown skincare line, and have fallen in love with it. The lavender used throughout the line is perfect for my sensitive skin, and the creamy cleanser and moisturizer are hydrating, which has been a lifesaver over the past few weeks as the weather has gotten colder. The tonic also smells heavenly, and has really helped to even out my skin-tone. If you have sensitive combination skin like I do than definitely check this line out. 

3. This cookbook. And this baking bible

4. Loving this adorable cross-body purse for Winter, especially with the free monogramming.

6. I just adore these cool double pearl earrings. They have been getting serious hype since fashion week, and I am all about them. Classy with a twist. 

7. I have talked about my love for the UK before, and the british edition of Country Living is holding me over until the next time I can get over there. I pick it up at Barnes and Noble every month, but a subscription would be amazing. If you like living magazines you will love this one--it is full of amazing recipes, home and garden tips, and lots of fun articles about stuff going on around the UK. 

8. I love everything Lara Casey stands for, and her power sheets look like an amazing tool. 

What is catching your eye this season? I would love to hear! 



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Life Lately: An Update on All Fronts

Scottish Sunrise | St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland | The Gallivant

Happy Wednesday Everyone! The past few weeks have been pretty wild, and I never had a chance to post our Month 11 Marriage update so I thought that I would just give a few quick life updates today. I write a lot about things we are doingbut I also love to share occasionally about how we are doing because I feel that that is more authentic and authenticity is of the utmost importance here. This post is a little bit of both :-)

Life lately:

John soloed and started the Aerobatics portion of Primary, which he has been loving. Typically once students complete their solos they gain "cred" with their instructors, and the rapport is a little more relaxed. Aero is fast paced, (he will hopefully solo on Friday, only a week after his last solo) but John has been enjoying flying everyday and learning the maneuvers. Check out this and this for a better idea of the type of stuff he has been working on.  (Total adrenaline junkie..)

He also flew his first night flight on Monday night, which he said was nerve wracking and awesome all at once.  While he was flying I had a movie night with some girlfriends (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason-never gets old..) and when I got home I looked up into the sky and was  amazed that one of those tiny moving lights could be my husband. Wild. It's sort of hard to explain, but when I listen to him talk about flying ie. actually being able to fly a plane I feel so awestruck at the fact that that is what he does everyday when he goes to work. It's hard to articulate, and that is just one of the many reasons I am proud of John, but it  reminds me of what a blessing it is to be married to a man that I so strongly admire. 

Our best friends moved away, and it is tough. Our friends Haley and Travis moved to Kingsville, Texas, last Friday, where Travis will start advanced training for Jets. While we are so excited for them as he moves forward in his career, we were also so sad to see them go. They were like family to us, and we will miss them so much. I have lived in a few different  places over the past decade, (Boarding school, Scotland, Massachusetts, Virginia) and said my fair share of goodbyes. Leaving Fredericksburg (My college town) and all of the incredible friends I made there was probably one of the hardest transitions I have made so far, but I would say that this goodbye was a close second. In many ways it seems like a milestone in our Navy career, because this was the just the first of many times that we will say goodbye to sweet friends that we have made in the places the Navy sends us, whether because they are moving or because we are moving. So begins the process of finding the balance between letting myself be a little sad and the "get used to it" attitude. The truth I will cling to is that just because we don't know exactly how long people will be in our immediate lives there is no excuse not to pursue deep and meaningful friendships.  The good news is that we have so many amazing friends still here with us in Pensy, so I know that we won't be lonely, and Haley and Trav are just a road trip away. 

One sweet outcome of Haley and Trav's move is that I have been so reminded of God's faithfulness over the past week. As I have thought back over the 11 months we spent together here in Pensacola, John and Travis supporting each other through flight school, Haley and I supporting each other as we learned to support our husbands, and all of us traversing new marriages together-- I realized that their friendship was the answer to a prayer that I, as well as many other people, prayed for months leading up to our move to Pensacola. Because of them, John and I know more of His goodness and His provision,  and are assured that He does hear our prayers and delights in answering them. We are nearing the part of Flight school where many of our friends will select and move away, (unless they get Helos) and I am so grateful for this perspective now, at the beginning. This is one the harder parts of Navy life, but I am comforted by the fact that we do not live our lives at the whim of the Navy, but rather in the hands of the Almighty. 

Finally, I started a new job (sort of)! For a few months now I have been baking homemade pound cakes and muffins for a boutique bed and breakfast in downtown Pensacola, The Lee House. I was filling in at the front desk occasionally for them, but I  just started working there consistently two days a week. It has been a blast, and I adore the awesome team I work with. I have a little bit of hospitality experience from my summer spent interning with FOCUS, but I am excited to learn way more about the industry. Lee House also hosts the most beautiful weddings and events, so I am pumped to get a little peek into the Events industry as well! I have been training there these past few weeks, so that plus my normal work hours at Bluetique along with baking and writing at home have kept me pretty busy the past few days, but I am loving every second of it. 

What's new with you?! Anything cool that you have been experiencing or learning about? I would love to hear!



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{Marriage} Month 9


Crazy to think that we are in the 4th quarter of our first year of marriage... It has been so fun to keep this little journal of whats been going on in our lives as the Richeys. Thanks for checking in with us!

Richey 9 Month Update: 

Favorite Meals: Steak, Chicken Tagine with dates, honey, and couscous

Favorite Words: Magazine, #JoshandLusayIdo, agent, Red, Elizabeth Keene, California, full frame camera, flight...cancelled, chairs, fabric, accent wall

Favorite Snacks: popcorn, manchego and crackers

Favorite TV Shows: The Black List, West Wing, Parenthood

Favorite Movie: The One I love  

Currently Reading: John read Agent Zigzag by Ben McIntyre last month and was completely obsessed, while I read a trilogy about Josephine Bonaparte, which I wrote about here

Gallivants: Last month we spent a fun day floating down the river, which you can read more about here. Otherwise, we stayed pretty low key and hung out with friends in the Pensy area on weekends, as well as logging some quality "veg" time together on the couch as we recovered from busy work weeks. 

Meanwhile, In Pensacola: John is pushing through Primary and doing great! He has had a few flights cancelled due to weather, but we have made good use of the time off with some house projects, etc.  Everything else is pretty par the course, except for the steamy weather we have gotten so used to.  As I am writing our AC is off and all windows are wide open. Its proper Fall! Hallelujah!

Thanks for hanging with us for a bit. xxx

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