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My best friend Danielle and I met our sophomore year of college,  and over the past four years I have had the opportunity to get to know her mom Tammy and have come to love her dearly. She is one of the bravest and brightest women that I know, and has shown me how to love selflessly and sacrificially. A few weeks ago Tammy was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and headed into emergency surgery in attempt remove the cancer. Danielle writes: 

Yesterday was a hard day at the hospital. My mom is doing better each minute but the reality of our situation is weighing in and I’d lie if I said we weren’t terrified.

Bear with me as I do my best to explain what we’re up against and where we stand...
The Doctor will meet with us a week from this coming Wednesday. By then, the Doctor will go over the pathology report, explain what came out of it and what type of chemo is best to treat this type of cancer. We will likely be simultaneously doing both Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy as well as Intravenous Chemotherapy. Introparitoneal chemotherapy delivers chemotherapy drugs directly into the abdominal cavity through a catheter and Intravenous (IV) chemotherapy goes directly into a vein and goes directly into your blood and is carried to all areas of the body. This will likely occur a few times a week for 3-4 months.

What does this mean for us financially?
My mom will be out of work for the entirety of the treatments as having both chemos at the same time is very wearing to the body. Since she is not eligible for the Family Leave Act, she will not be having paid leave.

In a perfect world, people fighting for their lives would not have to worry about money, but unfortunately that is not the case and the burden of finances is weighing heavily on Tammy and her family right now. Friends--the Whitty family is humbly asking for our help, and it is deeply on my heart to meet them in this. It isn't easy to ask for help, especially financially, but the last thing that anyone needs in the midst of the fear and fight against cancer is to worry about money. Will you consider supporting Tammy in her battle? Our donations will go towards cost of medical bills and co-pays, the cost of gas to and from the cancer cancer center where she will be receiving treatment (she has to drive 1.5 hours each way), rent, utilities, telephone, and health insurance. 

Whether it is $10, $100, or $1000--anything helps. If you are not in a place to give financially than please know that sharing this link or the GoFundMe page on facebook or instagram is more than enough. If you don't know Tammy than I am sure you know someone like her, someone who is or has fought as hard as they can against cancer. Maybe that was you. Maybe one day that will be me. Lets be in this together. 

Click this link to give: http://www.gofundme.com/nb7a14