O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree: A Glimpse at Our Christmas Decor

Homemade Pine Cone and Fir Garland // Christmas Decor // The Gallivant

With our one year anniversary looming, we are coming to the end of the landslide of newlywed "firsts" that have occurred over the past year but we saved one of my favorites for last.  This past weekend John and I went and got our very first Christmas tree! John is rolling his eyes reading this ( "Basic" has been the buzzword of the season) but it was so fun! It never quite feels like the Christmas season until the tree is trimmed. 

We found our perfect 6.5' Frasier Fir at Bailey's (where I also got my dwarf lemon tree earlier this year.) Their selection was amazing, with all sorts of tree varieties like frasier, noble (SO beautiful, but they didn't have one our size,) white pine, scotch pine, and more! As we walked through the aisles of cut trees the scent of pine and fir wafted over us in the most heavenly way, better than any holiday candle. (Although the Nest Holiday candle really is insane, and still available for purchase at Bluetique!)

Christmas Decor 4.jpg

Getting our tree was just the motivation I needed to finish our decorating our apartment for Christmas. I have been all about bringing the outside in this season and striving for a balance between rustic and glam. The more real and fresh greenery the better. Over Thanksgiving I went out into the woods and brought home all sort of boughs in lovely reds and browns, berries, and a bit of greenery in lieu of flowers for Fall decor. For Christmas I have been collecting the large and  beautiful pine cones that abound down here in the South, and am finally able to put them to good use. (Have you seen our wedding decor? What can I say--I like what I like.)

Did you know that most places that sell Christmas trees (from Home Depot to small local stands) have a large pile of greenery scraps that they usually give away for free? I grabbed a bundle of fir branches when we picked up our tree, and then made a homemade garland yesterday just by wiring pieces together with floral wire. I paired it with a pinecone garland that I made and accented with tiny gold and red ornaments, and then draped them over the mirror and botanical prints in our living room. I love the sort of wild and whimsical touch it adds to the room. 

Homemade Pine Cone and Fir Garland // Christmas Decor // The Gallivant

Trimming the tree and decorating the house is one of my most favorite parts of the lead up to Christmas. It's such a cheery and welcome sight after a long day of work, or while sipping a drink on the couch at night with the twinkly lights on. Even right now, while it is pouring outside in Florida, it is so cozy and festive from where I am curled up with a blanket and a candle burning while I work. The best. 

Christmas decor 2.jpg

Have you decorated your tree yet? What are your favorite trimming traditions?



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