My 2014 Christmas Wish List

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Happy December! It is the full-fledged holiday season and I know that I am not the only one with holiday shopping on the brain...John and I got most of our shopping done for our families on Monday night, and are now tackling our lists for each other. (Mostly me for him, my big present is already on the way as Amazon has an amazing deal going on right now!)

What is on your Christmas list this year? Here are the things which have been catching my eye in the past few months...

1. & 5. My new camera is on the way, equipped with it's kit lens, but I would love to add these lenses to my kit as well. Both are super practical for the kind of photography I do, and the canon pancake lens would be amazing on the smaller body of the SLi. I used to have the 50 mm with my old camera, but alas, that perished with the camera body. It was my most beloved lens, so I would love to replace it. 

2.  I have recently been trying out the Bobbi Brown skincare line, and have fallen in love with it. The lavender used throughout the line is perfect for my sensitive skin, and the creamy cleanser and moisturizer are hydrating, which has been a lifesaver over the past few weeks as the weather has gotten colder. The tonic also smells heavenly, and has really helped to even out my skin-tone. If you have sensitive combination skin like I do than definitely check this line out. 

3. This cookbook. And this baking bible

4. Loving this adorable cross-body purse for Winter, especially with the free monogramming.

6. I just adore these cool double pearl earrings. They have been getting serious hype since fashion week, and I am all about them. Classy with a twist. 

7. I have talked about my love for the UK before, and the british edition of Country Living is holding me over until the next time I can get over there. I pick it up at Barnes and Noble every month, but a subscription would be amazing. If you like living magazines you will love this one--it is full of amazing recipes, home and garden tips, and lots of fun articles about stuff going on around the UK. 

8. I love everything Lara Casey stands for, and her power sheets look like an amazing tool. 

What is catching your eye this season? I would love to hear! 



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