{Pensacola Do} Float


A few weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, we headed 45 minute north through Milton to Coldwater Creek. We met up with about fifteen of our friends at Adventures Unlimited, where we all loaded up canoes and tubes (as well as coolers and dogs) into their vehicles and headed four miles upriver.


We arrived at the designated spot and all put in our flotation devices of choice. The pups hopped on too! The water was a little cold, but not too chilly--wonderfully refreshing and clear. 

Riv collage 2.jpg

We spent the rest of the day floating down the river and stopping at various beaches to hang out, catch some sun, and let the dogs run. It was a complete blast.  

Floating was so relaxing, and the river itself is gorgeous. There is nothing built on the banks, so you actually just float through a beautiful forest. The water is clear and calm for the most part, and while it is pretty shallow there are also a few deep spots where you can dunk and swim. The beaches are also lovely and clean, which is huge.

Not only did we have the best time, but the dogs had the time of their lives...They ran and swam almost the whole way, and would just hop up into a canoe or tube when they wanted a break. It is a very dog friendly place, but we would definitely suggest putting a harness on your dog incase you hit any tricky spots and need a quick extraction (as Flynn did at one point.) Also, bring fresh and clean drinking water from them, as well as a tennis ball or toy for the beaches if they like to place fetch! 

The crew. 

The crew. 

Over all, SUCH a fun adventure, and I absolutely cannot wait to go again. The river is such a nice change from the beach, while still getting some sun and being on the water all day. It also really felt like we got out of town for the day, which is always great. The only bummer was that it poured for the final 45 minutes of the trip--but at that point it was pretty comical and only added to the adventure, especially when you have as hilarious of friends as we do. (Although..I did spend another 45 minutes in a hot shower when I got home...)

Looking for something fun to do over the upcoming long weekend? Definitely head up to Adventures Unlimited while the weather is still nice! Make sure to bring along a cooler stocked with your snacks and bevvies of choice, and plenty of sun screen of course. ;-)

Happy Monday everyone!



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