{Marriage} 3.4

I love these monthly marriage updates not only because they are a great way for John and I to journal month to month, but also because they are a fun way to keep the Gallivant's amazing readers in the loop about whats going on with us--the nitty gritty version. Thanks for checking in!

Image via  @olive_ee_ah

Image via @olive_ee_ah

Year 3, Month 4 Update (Better late than never!)

Favorite Meals: Still Blue Apron...it’s so quick and easy. But our favorite quick and easy Sunday dinner has been grilled chicken (marinated in french dressing or whatever vinaigrette is on hand in the fridge,) with baked potatoes and roasted asparagus. I toss the asparagus in olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, before putting under the broiler--flip once while cooking, and drizzle a little bit of balsamic on top right at the end. So easy, so yummy. Tim, my godmother's husband, made them once this way, and I haven't done them any other way since. 

Favorite Words: Game of Thrones, Porch, Squadron, Expeditionary, Lunch Date, Margarita, Birch, Battlefield.

Favorite Snacks: Not much time for snacking this month!

Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Game Of Thrones

Favorite Movie: Too busy for movies!

Currently Reading: Throne of Glass Series and The Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt

Gallivants: Woof! April was a busy month, but in the best way possible. We celebrated John's birthday early on, and then headed up to Gettysburg, PA, for a weekend, where my brother went to college. We stayed at a lovely farmhouse in the countryside outside of Gettysburg, and had the best time with Blair and his girlfriend (who we adore.) It was gloriously sunny while we were there so we spent Saturday exploring the battlefields before we headed to the Hauser Estate Winery and took in the views over lunch, ciders, and cold white wine...not a bad way to spend an afternoon. We also hung out on campus for a bit and had dinner in town, before heading back out to the farm for more wine and s’mores by the fire. All in all, it was such a fun yet restful weekend! Sitting outside on a country porch first thing in the morning with coffee and a book is so good for the soul...Full post on Gettysburg coming soon!

Meanwhile In Norfolk: Two of my best girlfriends from home came to visit us this month and we had a complete blast. We took them all over Norfolk, and hit up some of our favorite spots, including dinner at Luna Maya and drinks at The Birch. We also stumbled upon The Hermitage Museum and Gardens, which was such a sweet surprise! The grounds are gorgeous, and they had an American impressionism exhibit on display, which was lovely to look at. Who knew that there was such a big movement of impressionism in Pennsylvania? Not I!

Linds and oes.JPG

While Lindsey had to leave a little bit early on Sunday to get back to Boston in time to pack and head down to Tulum the next morning (Her instagram pics were giving me serious white sand envy,) Olivia didn’t leave until the evening on Sunday so we headed up to base to check out John’s squadron. I actually hadn’t been to see the squadron yet, so Oey and I were both enthralled! Sierras are so much bigger than the helos that John was flying before in Pensacola, and it was pretty awesome to see all of them lined up in the hangar. All in all, it was so special to get to share our new home with our dear friends, and we can’t wait for them to come back!


The other exciting news of the month is that our best friends welcomed their twins!! If you follow me on instagram then you may have already seen the picture of John and I meeting them for the first time...They are perfect, and John and I are in awe of what amazing parents our friends already are.

John Babies.jpg
Babies .jpg

It has been so special to start getting to know the little ones.

Heres hoping April was a wonderful month for you all! As always, thanks for reading. 



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