{Pensacola Eats + Drinks} The Cactus Flower

Growing up I never ate a lot of Mexican food, but down here I find that we eat mexican alot. (Probably because some of our best friends are Texans and they could die happy eating only Mexican for the rest of their lives.) We have tried many of the Mexican restaurants in Pensacola, but we always end up coming back to the same one--The Cactus Flower Cafe. I went to the Cactus Flower with some friends for lunch and could not get their fish tacos out of my head for weeks, until finally John heard my pleas and we went back. He was instantly won over by their California-style Mexican menu, and since we have ordered  take-out from the CF at least once a month. 

CF Collage.jpg

Last night we headed over to the East Pensacola with the above-mentioned Texans for an impromptu mid-week double date. We kicked off our meal with some of Cactus Flowers white wine margaritas, which were delicious. What is a wine margarita you might ask? Simply a classic margarita made with pinot grigio instead of tequila. Now, I am a tequila girl through and through so I was a little bit skeptical, but after a sip I decided that I actually adore this spin on a marg. It was super limey (just how I like it) and very refreshing, with just a tiny hint of sparkle. 

For dinner John had a mix of different tacos, and I had the enchiladas verdes. I actually have never gotten anything but the fish tacos (they are to die for) but for the sake of mixing it up I decided to try something with the verde sauce, which everyone raves about. 

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. The verde sauce was incredible, and the enchiladas themselves were perfect--a little crisp on the outside, and full of cheese and chicken. John also loved his tacos, as well as the cilantro lime rice that came with them. Chipotle ain't got nothin' on that rice. 

If you live in Pensacola and like Mexican than you have to try the Cactus Flower. I actually cannot believe I haven't blogged about them sooner--they are seriously our fave. 

 Cactus Flower Cafe, 3425 N. 12th Ave., Pensacola, FL 32503, (850) 432-8100

Happy Thursday you guys!



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