{Pensacola Do} Weekend + Links


What did you guys get up to this weekend?! I finally made it home friday evening and just laid low with the Hubs as I was still feeling pretty crummy. Yesterday I worked and then met John and some friends across the park at the Pensacola Bay Brewery! The weather was so lovely, the perfect evening to sit outside and catch up with friends over a drink. From there we all headed to Dharma Blue for a delicious dinner, and then home to watch Captain Phillips. Not a bad saturday night for having just been laid so low by a serious cold..

Reunited with this beaut, and it was the best. 

Reunited with this beaut, and it was the best. 

After church today we ran by Fresh Market to pick up a yummy picnic of rotisserie chicken, heirloom tomatoes, feta, and a few crusty baguettes to sandwich all that deliciousness, and then headed to the beach at Fort Pickens for the afternoon! Seriously, today was one of those great salty days, the days I dream of in the dark of winter, the days that leave you toasted and mellow but satisfied after being by the sea. Some days it is so hard to feel content in the moment, but not today. 

Happy girl on the beach

Happy girl on the beach

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Beach Babes.jpg

Here are some links for everyone who isn't quite ready for the weekend to end or would enjoy a few more minutes of escapism. 

  • We all know English and Spanish are the most commonly spoken languages in the US, but this map shows which languages come in third in every state...it's pretty interesting. Texas- Vietnamese? Who knew..
  • She has done it again! My seriously talented bestie Lindsey's DIY rug was featured on Wayfair this week! How cool is that?! I am itching to read her tutorial on Mac & Marlborough and make one for our screened in porch after we refinish the furniture. 
  • Our wonderful wedding photographer, Leah Haydock, was featured on ShotKit last week! If you are at all an aspiring photog or even just a novice constantly trying to pick up tips and tricks (like me), ShotKick is a cool site that profiles photographers from all the around the world, and what they keep in their bags. 
  • I love love LOVE having fresh flowers in the house, and am working on my arranging techniques. This tutorial looks fabulous, I can't wait to try my hand at it!
  • I just discovered the Hemsley + Hemsley blog this week and let me tell you--these girls rock.  I want to make every. single. recipe. Everything just looks so yummy and fresh, exactly what I have been craving lately.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Peace be with you,