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My friend Kiley, a Pensacola native herself, is always up to date on hip new places in the area. She had mentioned Constant Coffee and Tea a few times, so recently, when we were trying to figure out a place to meet up, we headed East so I could finally check out what she had been raving about.  After the best cappuccino I have had in Pensacola so far, (it's all about the ratio, as you will learn below) and an entire morning spent catching up, laughing, and just generally sharing a brain, I knew I had to mention Constant here.

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Located off Scenic Hwy in East Pensacola Heights, Constant's space is lovely and airy inside, with gorgeous high ceilings and big windows. There is plenty of seating, perfect for an afternoon spent working on a laptop or catching up with a friend. The outdoor patio is great too, especially during those few, but precious, just-warm-enough Spring days we experience down here before Summer descends in full swing.

Phil, the man behind this sweet Coffee house, was kind enough to answer a few questions.

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What was the inspiration behind Constant Coffee & Tea, and what sets it apart?

I've been in the specialty coffee industry for about 15 years now. Every position from dishwasher to FOH manager. In this world if your not growing your dying. Stagnation is the worst thing in the world, and that is the inspiration behind Constant. I didn't feel that any shop in the area was actively growing. There was no Innovation and no opportunity to create innovative programs. So, I started my own shop. I recruited my brother Jason and we went to work. We started with the classics. Traditional cappuccinos, great lattes, awesome pour over coffees, and classic teas. After that came pharmacy sodas, house made syrups, house made milk alternatives, unique specialty coffee drinks, and a wonderful food service. Next up is house made sausage, cheese, cola, and on and on. I think what really sets us apart is that we are willing to do the research and spend the time to get things right. We only offer a 6 ounce cappuccino because anything larger throws the ratios off and ruins the drink. We went out and found phosphate because that's what pharmacists used to sour the original sodas. We tracked down pharmacy manuals from the early 1900's because we wanted lactarts, mazes, and shrubs.  In the end, this shop is for us. We just want to have fun. We just want to share our passion.

Where is your coffee and tea from?

Our coffee is from Counter Culture Coffee. Out of all the specialty coffee roasters in the U.S. they are hands down the best. They are the bright shining star in the coffee world right now. Our tea comes from Rishi Tea. No one even comes close to Rishi's quality and service.

What trends are you excited about in the coffee world?

I'm most excited about cold coffee right now. From nitrogen cold brew to espresso tonics. Cold brew and espresso as ingredients is going to be fun. We've already started experimenting.

East Pensacola Heights is becoming such a fun neighborhood--what do you love most about being there?

I love everything about EPH. The businesses are amazing. The view from scenic is beautiful every day of the year. The people are perfect. I think I love the people the most. They have fully embraced the neighborhoods growth. While downtown is starting to cater more to parties and tourists, EPH is going to be for locals.

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Thanks for sharing Phil! Your passion is evident, and we can't wait to come back!

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Constant Coffee & Tea, 615 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola, FL (850) 432 3991

Where is your favorite place to grab a quick cup of java? Are you a coffee or tea person? I would love to hear! I am both...more tea than coffee these days, but it switches weekly!



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