{Cook} Smoked Paprika Edamame Hummus

Source: Emily Richey

Source: Emily Richey

Recently, we have been experimenting with different snacks here in the Chateau de Soleil. If I could, I would snack solely on cheese (maybe with some chocolate here and there, a glass of wine at the right hour, etc), but in an attempt not to clog our arteries before we turn 25, we have decided that we need to restrict our cheese intake a bit. Sigh. 

John loves hummus, and I don't mind it, so I have been experimenting a bit with homemade recipes this week, and I think I may have stumbled upon something, dare I say it, genius. Edamame, you say? Smoked paprika? Together? Yes, my friends. Yes. Add a dash of sea salt, a bit of tahini, a pinch of minced garlic, a few generous tablespoons of olive oil, and you have yourself a yummy spin on the classic mediterranean dip. It's perfect for your husband who always comes home starving from flight school, or even to serve to your friends as a yummy appetizer when they come over! Heck--toss it into a bowl, surrounded with whole-wheat pita chips or some gluten free birdfeed, ahem, seed crackers. Then stick it on a tray with some veggies and maybe a bowl of almonds, and you have quite a lovely little spread for a cocktail party. Voila!

Check out the full recipe here.