Anatomy of a Cozy Guest Room

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Do you have people to stay often? When we first came to Pensacola we were so excited to find a two bedroom apartment that we loved so that we could have an office space that also doubled as a guest room. Since we moved, in we have loved having frequent house guests. Our guest room also serves as my office, and occasionally John's command center, so I have tried to make it extra cozy for our guests so that it still feels like their bedroom when they come. Because we love to entertain, and often our friends just end up staying over, I make sure the guest room is always stocked with the essentials:

1. A cute "Welcome Sign": Ours has a short message that includes our wifi network and password. This was actually John's genius idea-- he is brilliant. 

2. Bedside Reading Material: Just in case someone can't sleep or just wants to read before bed. I have a magazine rack on my desk and there is usually a book or two on the bureau. ( By the way...right now I am completely in love with Darling.) 

3. A Yummy Candle: Because who doesn't love a nice candle?

4. Cheery Art: Wall decor adds so much personality to a room and really brings it together, making it feel more "homey." We have decorated our guest room with some fun vintage ski posters of Johns, as well as my inspiration wall. I am loving that watercolor painting for a nice pop of color though, especially if you have white walls. 

5. Pretty and Clean Bedding: There is nothing like clean sheets and a nicely made bed with a pretty duvet or quilt to climb into at the end of a rockin' day. I am in love with the pretty ruffle on Anthro's blue and white version!

6. Plush Towels: These blue towels could really punch up a bathroom and add a nice bit of color. I always try to lay out fresh towels on our guests beds before they arrive. Personally, it is little touches like that that make me feel like an honored guest when I visit people, which is exactly how we want our friends to feel. 

7. An Extra Blanket: We keep an extra blanket in our guest room closet in case someone gets cold (not likely down here) but it also double as a cozy cuddle up when watching movies or TV.

8. Nice Bathroom Staples: I try to keep our second shower stocked with lovely smelling body wash, shampoo, and conditioner just in case someone forgets! I also keep nice soap by the sink, and a new tooth brush in the drawer. Having nice products that smell good feels so luxurious after travel. World Market has some awesome body products at a great price point.

What are some things you like to do to make your guests feel extra special?

Happy hosting!



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