{Gallivant} Carry-on Survival Essentials

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If there is one thing I learned a few weeks ago, when I got stranded in Miami for two days without my bag, it is that one must pack their carry-on strategically. You just never know when you may get stranded, and a savvy traveler is always prepared. 

I am usually pretty prepared for the worst-scenario, but last week I forgot a few essentials like my toothbrush, deodorant, and a bathing suit. Why a bathing suit? Read on for the rationale, as well as the list of what I always try to take on the plane with me in my carry-on, just in case.

The Gallivant's Guide to Carry-On Essentials

1. 1 Pair of Clean Underwear

2. Tea Bags: I love my tea so I try to pack a couple bags of my favorite types when I travel. This time around I packed chamomile lavender and mint, both of which I used over our trip. I love chamomile lavender before bed, and it did wonders to calm me down in MIami when all I wanted to do was be home. The mint also ended up being a great choice because it helped in clearing my sinuses before I finally got on the plane. (Did I mention I had a nasty sinus infection?)

3. Bathing Suit: Man, do I wish I hadn't forgotten to pack a suit in my carry-on! Instead of lounding in my hotel room for two straight days I could have been lounging by the hotel pool, enjoying the Miami sun!

4. Work: If you are planning on taking work with you on your trip always pack it in your carry-on. God forbid you lost your bag, or were stranded without it and couldn't meet a deadline...

5. Jewelry/Valuables: My mom is a stickler for this one. You may never have lost a bag in your life when flying, but don't let the first time be the time you kept all your family heirlooms in there, never to be seen again.

6. Deodorant

7. Toothbrush/Toothpaste

8. Face Moisturizer: Hotels always have body lotion, but it really isn't the best for your face. Combat dry and flaky flight skin with face lotion you stowed away, you brilliant traveler, you.

9. Reading Material

10. Chargers

Bonus tip: If worse comes to worse and you are absolutely desperate for clean clothes,  you can do as I did and hand wash some items of clothing in the sink (ie. leggings, panties, shirts) and then use the hotel blow dryer to dry them!

Happy (responsible and prepared) gallivanting!