12 Things We Wish We Had Registered For

After being married for a year and half, John and I have gotten some perspective on which of our wedding presents we have actually ended up using day in and day out, as well as a few things that we wish we had registered for! Last week I posted about our top 12 most useful gifts, and as promised today I am sharing the 12 gifts that, in hindsight, we wish we had included in our registry.

12 Gifts We Wish We Had Registered For

1. Table Linens: We sort of spaced on table linens when it came around to registering, and didn't realize how often we would miss them. We have some lovely sets of napkins and placemats that were engagement presents, but I wish that we had registered for a neutral matching set with a table cloth for our round table that we would use year round when hosting. 

2. A Juicer: A juicer is one of those things that at the time we thought about registering for but ultimately decided we didn't really need it. I wish we had gone with out first impulse though because we have definitely talked since about wishing we had one and will probably end up buying one in the future. (#cleaneating #aspirations)

3. Throws: We ended up buying a couple of throws pretty soon after our wedding for our new apartment to help cozy up certain corners.

4. Mason Jars: While mason jars are undeniably trendy, they are also infinitely useful and we have bought a bunch since being married and used them for all sorts of things: jam, to go containers for drinks, pickles, smoothies, just to name a few.  I would totally recommend registering for a flat. 

5. Tupperware: Another thing that slipped our minds....Tupperware definitely isn't sexy, but it is a necessity for committed home cooks, and would make a great engagement gift!

6. Ice Cream Maker: People always tell you that you won't end up using appliances like an ice cream maker as often as you think you will so we left it off the list. After realizing how much we enjoy cooking and making our favorite dishes at home, though, I am sure we would be an exception to that as ice cream is our favorite, and it would be so fun to experiment w homemade flavors. My mom kept telling us, "Now is the time!" when we were registering and she was so right...if you want it, register for it! 

7. Vacuum: Again, not sexy--but so necessary! We inherited a vacuum from family, which we are so grateful for, but it may not last us through our move. My friend Abbey once told me that her parents still use the vacuum they got as a wedding present 20-something years later, and now we completely see the wisdom in registering for one.

8. Duvet : This is another one of the items that we felt like we didn't really need, as we already had my duvet from college. John sleeps hot, though, and can't stand how warm the insert is. If we could do it again we would register for a summer weight insert and new cover. As long as you don't make a habit of eating in bed (Occasional bed picnics are totally fine, encouraged even) than a beautiful duvet will see the least wear of your bedding, last for years, and be a pretty addition to any bedroom. 

9. Power Tools: Just. So. Practical. Especially for those of us who are all about low-cost diy updates to our home, and husbands who love to help!

10. Waffle Maker: This one is purely for me, as John isn't a huge waffle guy. (But I swear, if we had a waffle maker I could convert him in 5 second flat!)

11. Guest Towels: Since we have been living in an apartment for the past year, and have a lot of moves in our future, we have been making a concerted effort to not accumulate too much stuff. One thing we have learned, though, is that you can never have too many towels! We bought a bunch of guest towels after living in Pensacola for a bit and having frequent visitors, and we would definitely suggest registering for extra towels. 

12. Seasonal Decor: My friend Haley says the seasonal decor that she and her husband received as wedding gifts were some of her favorite gifts, and after celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas (and decking our halls for both)  in Pensacola I can totally see why. It is so fun to curate a collection of seasonal decor that you know you will use for years to come, but it adds up quickly! Why not let your friends and family help you start a collection early on?

What about you? Do you have any favorite wedding gifts?  Is there anything that you wish someone had told you to register for? Comment below!

Have a great weekend lovelies!



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