{Adventures in Film} July in Newport and North Shore

Happy Tuesday! If you follow me on instagram (@evr_thegallivant) than you may have noticed that I have been dabbling in film photography recently. And by dabbling I really mean dabbling--I am a total novice. My cousin Antonia gave me the analog bug when I was home in Massachusetts in July, and we spent a whole morning driving around to local CVSs and Walgreens trying to find disposable cameras to mess around with.  I finally got the film processed last week and these are the results! 

Collage 3.jpg
Film 2.jpg
Film 4.jpg
Film 3.jpg

It was pretty fun to play with disposables, and it definitely brought me back to childhood when we used these things all the time! Can you believe they are still available? My Aunt Heather and Uncle Denny had the best idea for their wedding reception--they put two or three disposable cameras on each table so that guests could take their own pics throughout the night! I was only 11 or so when they got married, but I have never forgotten that, and still think it would be an awesome idea for a wedding today. Although we can #hashtag pics into an album for everyone to see, it would be such a sweet thing for the Bride and Groom to be able to gather up all the cameras at the end of the night and have them developed while they are away on their honeymoon. That way, when they returned, they would have tons of wonderful (and some very silly, I imagine) photos already printed out and ready to be used in all sorts of creative ways to remind them of their special night and all the people who love them. 

We live in an age of constant documentation via smartphones and digital cameras, but there is just something about the intentional yet surprising and mysterious nature of film that still holds so much appeal. I snagged a Canonet 28 and Canon AE-1 off Ebay last week for next to nothing, and am excited to start experimenting and learning with them. 

Do you shoot film? Feel free to comment in the comment space below with any tips+tricks!