{Marriage} Month Seven

Haley Keating for the photo win....

Haley Keating for the photo win....

Happy Monday! John and I hit seven months of marriage in July, so I thought I would get back into the swing of our monthly updates! I love these updates because they are a great way for John and I to be journaling and keeping track of the beginning of our marriage, but also because they are a fun way to keep the Gallivant's amazing readers in the loop about whats going on with us. So, without further ado, Month 7!

Richey 7 Month Update

Favorite Meals: garlic and miso green beans and chicken, 12-minute chicken and broccoli. Lots of asian flavors last month!

Favorite Words: Simulator, Magazine, Sleep, Trip

Favorite Snacks: Papaya!

Favorite TV Shows: We are obsessed with Parenthood. John just finished all 4 seasons on Netflix, and can't wait for season 5 to come out. I am half way through season 3 and dying to know...Will Crosby and Jasmine ever get back together? Is this sexual tension I sense between Sarah and Seth? Is Christina going to lose it, between Adam being at the studio all the time and new baby Nora?! Don't tell me, don't you dare tell me...

Favorite Game: The only person who has had time for games this month is Flynn, who has been playing tons of "Find the Bird." The nose on that dog..wow.

Currently Reading: I finished The Vacationers, This is Where I Leave You, and On Writing last month. Loved them all. John read Born To Reproduce by Dawson Trotman, which apparently rocked his world. I am excited to read it myself in the next few days!

Gallivants: I spent a week at home last month, which you can read more about here. While I was away John spent a weekend in Jacksonville, where he had the best time with one of his old friends from the Academy. His trip made me super excited to visit Jax sometime, it sounds pretty underrated.

Meanwhile in Pensacola: "Work hard, play hard" really sums up our month. John went through his first round of sims in Primary and nailed it. I worked my butt off to make up for the time I was away, and made some cool business and creative connections. I also landed my first freelance writing gig, which we are beyond thrilled about. It felt like a super productive month for both of us, but John was the superstar who was not only studying, but also cooked and cleaned a ton for us when I was working full days or at night. He is a dream. In terms of fun things, I got a chance to see the Blue Angels, which was  incredible. We also went on an amazing date at the Magnolia!

What We Are Learning: Patience and Perseverance.

As always, thanks for keeping up with us and all our latest happenings! If you are reading this than know that you are so appreciated. Please always feel free to leave a comment or question--I love being able to connect with you.



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