{Pensacola Do} The Blue Angels

The Blues are back! Last saturday, my friend Haley and I headed out to Pensacola Beach to watch the Blue Angels perform in the Pensacola Air Show. We left a bit later than the rest of the thousands (!) of other people who were hoping to watch, and therefore got stuck in traffic for roughly 3 hours on I-10, but it was SO worth it. 

Haley had seen the Blues a bunch of times before, but I had only seen them once as a little girl and barely remember it. She couldn't stop laughing at the look on my face every time they flew by us, which I am sure was an expression of pure awe. We got to the beach right at 2:00 pm when the show started, and after one of the solos flew right over our car as we were driving along looking for parking, we decided to just ditch the car in a random lot and book it down to the beach as fast as we could so we didn't miss anything!

Even though it seemed as though we were late, we actually ended up with the best view. We posted up to the right of the main part of PB, sort of half way to Fort Pickens. Turns out we were standing right where the planes would hook as they turned to head down the beach. Insane.

It is hard to describe the kind of exhilaration that the Blues invoke. There is just something so wild about watching F/A-18s flying up to 18 inches from each other (18 Inches!!) performing these crazy maneuvers at outrageous speeds, that,  as Haley would say, really "gets the people going." But seriously, it really is amazing. The solos reach speeds up to 700 mph! It was unlike anything I have ever seen. Such an amazing display of discipline and skill. Also, it was wild to think that each of those pilots started right where are husbands are now--at flight school in Pensacola. While watching I felt so proud of them, proud of the guys up there, and proud of our Navy. 

If you missed the show, or just want to watch the Blues again, than check out their practice schedule here and head to the Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning when they are home in Pensacola to watch them practice. 

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Happy Wednesday, Friends!



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