Friday Links + Office Revamp


Happy Friday! I am excited for this weekend, but I am even more excited for next week and having time to sit down and work on this little blog, as well as some other fun writing projects I have going on. I know my picture quality hasn't been quite up to snuff recently, (lots of iphone pics) so I promise that on top of writing more consistent posts I will also whip out my DSLR and get cracking on some better photography!

Today I spent the afternoon revamping our "office" (which is also our guest room) to make it more organized and cozy as I will be spending a lot more time in here in the next few months. I wanted to create a more inspiring space that is both pleasing to look at as well as motivating and functional. I have been seeing tons of cool inspiration boards and techniques all over various blogs and Pinterest lately, and I ended up jumping on the clip-board band wagon. I threw four boards up on the wall, and I am excited to switch out the images on them whenever the mood strikes me. I also put up a pretty new botanical calender that I snagged at Wish Basket a few weeks back, as well as two lovely paintings that one of my dearest friends painted for John and I as a wedding present. (I love being surrounded by the things my friends create--we have such talented friends!) I also snagged some Nate Berkus desk accessories at Target, including a magazine rack, a mini rack I am using for cards and stationary, and a precious little dog tape dispenser. He was so cute...I couldn't resist. 

My productivity/mood/creativity is very influenced by my surroundings, and before I did a little feng shui-ing I just never felt super inclined to utilize our office space. Now, though, I am so excited to sit down and get to work here! What do you think? The last thing bugging me is the space above the middle painting--I was going to put something above it, but now I think I will just move the painting up a few inches tomorrow. 

Thanks for checking in! Have a wonderful and restful weekend. Below are some cool things that I stumbled upon while browsing the interwebs this week. Enjoy!

  • I madethis pasta last night, but subbed spaghetti squash for the zuchinni noodles. It was so good.
  • Love this helpful list of essentials for any room. 
  • I am dying to go to Seattle, and this sounds like a fantastic itinerary. The only thing missing is an afternoon whale watch to see the Orcas!
  • Not that I need an excuse to make an ice cream cake...
  • Has your FB feed been flooded with #icebucketchallenge videos? Have you done it? Here is a little more info about the couple behind it. Yes, its silly. Yes, its for laughs. But is it making a difference? You bet. Lets #strikeoutALS!



P.S. Did you notice Porter Magazine peeking out of the magazine rack? I bought into the hype...and loved it.