{Pensacola Eats + Drinks} Nom Sushi Izakaya

Nom Sushi Izakaya // Places to Eat In Pensacola // The Gallivant

To my Pensacola friends--there is a new Japanese restaurant in town, and let me tell you..it's good. Phenomenal, even. Fellow sushi lovers, your prayers have been answered. 

I have been dying to check out Nom Sushi Izakaya for the past few months since it opened, and finally had the opportunity this weekend when my friend Haley was in town. We were down on  Palafox, and popped in for a late lunch. We raised our eyebrows as we sat down opposite each other in our booth and admired the zen space around us, wondering if we had been transported to hip neighborhood in NYC when we crossed over the door thresh hold. 

The menu is not crazy long, focusing primarily on sushi/nigiri/sashimi, with a small section of Izakaya, and three different ramen options. The sushi rolls are inspired, with an emphasis on fresh and unique ingredient,  rather than mayo based sauces and tempura, which has become so typical of American sushi. 

Nom Sushi Izakaya // Places to Eat In Pensacola // The Gallivant

We ordered the Grafitti Bridge roll ( shrimp, avocado, cucumber, topped with blackened tuna tataki & spicy snow crab salad) as well as the vegan miso ramen. While I don't normally gravitate towards vegan options, our server encouraged us to forego the oh-so-trendy pork belly ramen and assured us that the vegan broth was by far the best broth in the house. It didn't disappoint. Rich and flavorful, the broth was teeming with mushrooms, kale, noodles, and ramen, and we couldn't slurp it up fast enough. (Note to self--bib next time.)

Nom Sushi Izakaya // Places to Eat In Pensacola // The Gallivant

I had only heard good things about Nom before we went, and I was so thrilled to experience it firsthand and prove that it completely lives up to it's hype. Our food was delicious, our service was great, and the atmosphere is beyond cool. I can't wait to tow John there when he gets back! 

Nom would be a great spot for a fun Valentines date, so head down there this Saturday! Get there early though, because it is sure to be packed. 

Nom Sushi Izakaya, 410 S. Palafox St., Pensacola, FL, (850) 466 3125



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