Handwritten Notes


My friend Allison told me last spring that she wants to become one of those people who sends lovely cards to their friends and family to mark special occasions or events, and when she said that I realized that I did to! My mom also gave me this lovely little book, which have been motivating me to take more time to for handwritten notes.  So, my New Years resolutions this year was to write a letter a week to someone I care about, and I am finally getting started this week. 

Not only are notes classy, but in this day and age of technology and email, taking the time to sit down and write a note to someone with a pen in your hand says wonders about how much you actually care or appreciate that person. And of course, who doesn't love to receive mail? I know I do! I have a beautiful blue box where I keep all of the wonderful notes and mail from my friends and family that have moved me and made me feel loved over the years. I also have all of the letters that John has written me since we first started dating, tied up in a lovely bundle with navy ribbon, that I keep in my bedside drawer. I think they are so romantic...

What about you? Do you like to write letters? Flynn and I are off to pop my most recent note into the mail, but here is some inspiration if you feel inclined to write a letter after reading this post. Pretty stationary also makes a lovely gift!