{Pensacola Do} Blueberry Picking at Blue Basket Farms

Last week,  I spent a beautiful afternoon picking the most gorgeous blueberries anyone has ever seen at Blue Basket Farms with some girlfriends. The South is covered in U-Pick farms like this one, which sell all kinds of produce from berries and fruit, to fresh veggies and local eggs and meats. 

Going the U-pick route is typically cheaper than buying from your local farmer's market, as it cuts the cost of labor, and it also makes for a fun day! We had the best time walking along the rows of huge blueberry bushes and picking our favorite varieties. At Blue Basket Farms, each row is a different type of blueberry, so they all taste slightly different. Despite some being tarter or larger than others, they were all juicy and delicious. 

Group collage blueb.jpg.jpg

When we arrived at the farm we were given big basket "fanny packs" to wear around our hips and collect our berries as we went. You are allowed to eat as you go, so as we picked we chatted and sampled (read: gorged ourselves) happily. 

All in all, it was a lovely day, and at $2.50 a pound--the blueberries were a steal. Before we knew it, we each had gathered about six pounds, and were full of fresh, juicy goodness. Needless to say, our man-friends were shocked when they opened their fridges that evening to massive amounts of bluebs. I froze about 3/4 of ours for smoothies, but also whipped up some insane blueberry-cinnamon scones, which I can't wait to share here soon! 

Blue Basket Farms is open from 7-7 on most days of the week. I would recommend getting there earlier side, just because of the heat. The blueberry season is well underway, but should last until about mid July. If you like bluebs and are looking for a fun outdoor activity than head on up! 

Blue Basket Farms, 8655 Highway 89, Milton, Florida, 32570

Happy Monday Everyone!