One Year of Blogging

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February is an exciting month as it marks the one year anniversary of The Gallivant! Read our first post here, and a little more about the inspiration behind the blog here.  Over the course of the past year of blogging The Gallivant has grown in ways I never expected and opened so many doors that I could not have foreseen--I feel very blessed. We have chronicled our first year of marriage and numerous adventures all over the country, and this blog has been a place for me to share about our journey through flight school so far, as well as encouraged me to fully immerse myself in all that Pensacola and the Gulf Coast have to offer. It has started numerous rich conversations, allowed me to reconnect with old friends, and start new friendships. It has  helped me to start a dialogue with other military wives, and pushed me, overall, to be more transparent with my life. 

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I want to take today to say thank you to you--my dear readers. Every comment, email, and text has encouraged me in ways that you can't even imagine. It is hard to describe, but blogging can sometimes feel as though you are "shouting into the void," and it is so comforting and encouraging to know that there are people out there who are reading and engaging. Your support is what spurs me on. There are a lot of fantastic blogs out there, a lot of amazing and smart people doing incredible things, and the fact that you choose to spend some of your precious time here in this little corner of the web means the world. I am not a perfect blogger, I am not always consistent or timely, but I will keep striving, always, for authenticity versus perfection. 

It is my prayer that the Gallivant would continue to grow, (and thank you for sharing), but that it would always and ultimately point to The One who created and inspired first and most of all. 

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Happy Monday Friends, and thank you again. 



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{Gallivant Reads} On Writing

Happy Monday Friends! How was your weekend? It felt like we achieved the perfect combination of spending time with our friends, while also hanging out and relaxing at home, capped off with some great joint cleaning and organizing to start the week off on the right note. Also, funny thing, John and I spent way too much time on Zillow last night exploring real estate options in various places we may live next. Soooo far in the future (at least 1.25 years) but it is fun to dream! 

I have been reading Stephen King's memoir, On Writing,  and wanted to mention it on here because I have been enjoying it so much. Confession: I have never actually read a book by Stephen King because horror isn't really my thing, but I have seen The Shining and Shawshank Redemption. Regardless of whether or not you are a huge fan of Stephen King, though, if you aspire to write than this is a must-read. After all--the guy has been turning out novels for decades. I have found that he writes eloquently about writing itself, as well as being a writer. His suggestions and advice are approachable and practical, plus learning about his process is fascinating. Beyond the writing,  I have been surprised by how interesting his life has been, and particularly enjoyed reading about life before his big break and where his motivation comes from. I haven't finished On Writing yet, but I have read enough that I would strongly recommend it. Let's just say that every time I put it down I feel that fire to write. Eureka! 

On a totally different note--lets hear it for easy week-night dinners! Nothing beats getting home from work at 5:30 and knowing that dinner is going to be delicious, quick, healthy, and easy to make. We had this for dinner last night, and it was so yummy. Totally scratched the take out itch, but was 10 million times better for us! It's only Monday so you have plenty of time to go out, grab the ingredients, and whip it up one night this week. You can thank me later. Also, if you have any favorite week night meals I would love to hear about them! Share in the comments section below, and we can all benefit!

Have a great day Lovelies.



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Simple Joys

Photo: Author-Stratton, VT

Photo: Author-Stratton, VT

Simple Joys

The secret things you whisper to your dog.

A cold, cold glass of rosé.

That still moment before anyone wakes up in the morning. 

The sea's breeze.

Good coffee.

The feeling of being completely submerged.

An afternoon spent painting.

Your favorite book.

Sitting outside during the golden hour.

Bare feet.

Having tea around the island in your parent's kitchen.

Sleeping in during a rain storm.

Farm to table.

His fierce heart.

A really good story.

Bluebells blanketing the forest floor.

Being nose to nose with a horse.

Writing when inspiration strikes. 

Climbing into bed with your best friend after the best night.

Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, and Daffodils in the Spring.

Knowing you are forgiven. 


Happy Monday Everyone.