Paris Day 6-Chunnel

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delay...
Paris was wonderful, and we were sad to leave, but very excited to start the next part of our trip. Yesterday we slept in a bit then packed up our stuff and headed to Gare du Nord where we jumped on the Eurostar. Neither of us had never been through the Chunnel so we were pumped to experience that. The train was really nice actually, we read and ate some yummy food from the Waitrose car, and before we knew it were in Londontown!
We arrived in London and took a cab to St. John's Wood, where we are staying with friends from home who now live in London. They have graciously put us up here, and we have been so blessed by them. St. Johns Wood is a bit south-west of Kensington, near Primrose Hill and Camden. We arrived and put our stuff down, caught up, and then headed out to Camden Market. It was a pretty quick walk down the high street, through the park and next to the canal. We walked right through the London zoo, which was pretty neat. It was a beautiful day, still quite warm at 3 pm. We made our way to Camden and were blown away by the stables. This was the birthplace of punk, people. You can only imagine. Amy Winehouse actually lived in Camden before she died.  Very interesting place, with loads of interesting and colorful peope. We grabbed a quick Falafel and then walked a ways to a cute pub right at the end of the Primrose Hill high street where we grabbed a pint! After that we headed to this fabulous greek restaurant called Lemonia and had some yummy meat balls, spanakopita, and fried haloumi cheese. It was delish, service was great as well. All family run, of course. Perfect way to end a munchy day.
After dinner it was almost sunset, (around 8:30, sun is already setting much later here) so we walked to the top of Primrose Hill in Primrose Park, which has a fantastic view of London. From there we could see the Eye, the Shard, St. Pauls, Parliament, Big Ben, the Thames, and all the other famous buildings. Soooo beautiful.

Neither of us have checked out these areas when we have been in London before so it has been so cool to explore. The parks in London are just incredible....they put our American city parks to shame. I'm sorry, but Central Park really has nothing on Hyde Park or Kensington. More on that from Johnboy tomorrow though, when he blogs about our day today.  So many beautiful groves of old trees and lovely lawns and rose gardens. Everything is in full bloom, and the weather is lovely. London really is bustling and fun. We are very happy to be here!