Friday Links

Happy Friday people! What are your plans for the weekend? We are headed downtown Pensy tonight, and then tomorrow John has a sim so I am probably going to catch up on some reading and a little work. It's a chill weekend--we are prob going to make plans on the fly, which I love every once in a while. 

Here are some links from around the webs this week:

  • Looking for a good read? I am excited to check out some of the books on this list from HelloGiggles
  • Might have to make this insane looking crumble sometime soon...mmm apple blackberry..
  • LOVE these napkins to promote good dinner conversation.
  • I love this article from Darling about being a "perfectly imperfect" hostess--it both challenged me and let me off the hook. 
  • Have you heard about Hatch my House? My friend Lindsey told me about it last night and I think it is the coolest idea! It is a wedding registry that allows your guests to contribute to a fund that goes towards a down payment on your first house by buying bits of a cute little house like the chimney, back porch, or refrigerator! Such a great idea!
  • I am sorry, but this video is hilarious. Actually, I am not sorry. This is hilarious. Love Dax.

Have a great weekend everyone!