A Short Reflection on Marriage and Singleness

Leah Haydock Photography

Leah Haydock Photography

In this day and age, being married at 23 is wonderful and scary and on most days--does not feel like the norm depending on what kind of community you live in. In many places it is decidedly not the norm, and I love talking about the why with people when they ask. John is the person I love doing life with, the one I couldn't do life without, and we felt called to marriage. That being said, a lot of our friends are single, and that is so cool. My hope for the Gallivant is that, while it is fun to write (and I hope read) our marriage updates and stuff happening in our married life, this is still a space everyone will enjoy coming to, to be encouraged and inspired, whether that be to explore a new place,  try a new recipe, be creative, pick up a new book, find a gift for a friend, or meditate on whose they are and where they are headed. We are all in different phases of life, having different and individual identity crises or break throughs, our situations all have unique joys and sorrows and I truly believe that no one of these situations is better or worse than the others. Marriage was not and is not the culmination of my or John's life. We believe that the culmination of our lives will only occur when our time here on this earth has passed away. The culmination of our lives has yet to come. 

This is a bit of a ramble, but it is resonating with me, and I hope it resonates with you. In short, marriage is wonderful--but so is singleness. So, today, I wanted to share what I thought was a wonderful and poignant reflection on singleness that Mary over at Tulips & Flightsuits wrote. I just love the way she addresses her friend's question so thoughtfully, and everything she said rang true to me. 

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